Early Script for FREDDY VS JASON Had Slashers Actually Boxing in Hell–With Ted Bundy & Hitler!

Freddy vs Jason Boxing 750x422 - Early Script for FREDDY VS JASON Had Slashers Actually Boxing in Hell--With Ted Bundy & Hitler!

There are enough stories about the decades’-long saga to bring Freddy vs Jason to fruition to fill several volumes, so I won’t even attempt to give you a recap here. What you need to know for now, however, is that there were enough rejected screenplays and half-baked ideas to fill a dumpster! Our friends at Looper recently put together an entertaining little retrospective fans of Friday the 13th and/or A Nightmare on Elm Street won’t want to miss!

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Among the details revealed is that, in one rejected script, Freddy and Jason actually met in a boxing ring to duke it out! The location: Hell; The officiant/referee: Infamous, real-life serial killer Ted Bundy; in the Front Row: Hitler! Give the video a spin below for more about the epic battle royale, a deathmatch fans are still clamoring for more of! They also cover some other extremely interesting Freddy/Jason projects that (for better or worse) never manifested.

Hopes are high that the 13th installment of the popular slasher franchise will make it to the big screen sooner rather than later. Until then, let’s take a look back at all the Jason Voorhees stories that never came to life. These are the Friday the 13th projects you’ll never get to see…

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