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nightmareonelmstreet4krugerrrr 1624307197013 428x241 - I Love Soul Food: Reflecting on 'A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master' 35 Years Later
August 29, 2023

By the time A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master hit theaters in August of 1988, Freddy was

Robert Englund
July 14, 2022

Freddy doesn't need to use his glove to cut you...

A Nightmare On Elm Street
February 9, 2022

Check out who we believe should take direct the next ANOES!

freddy 336x193 - Five Directors Who Should Make The Next 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'
December 23, 2021

These directors’ work are truly the stuff of nightmares.

elm street 336x190 - 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' Will Be Preserved Forever At The National Film Registry
December 15, 2021

The horror classic was among only 25 selections for the entire year.

Elm Street house
November 10, 2021

The iconic home has had quite a history in Hollywood.

nightmare house 336x189 - The House From 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' Is Now Back On The Market
October 21, 2021

And all offers must be made by Halloween!

Doug Bradley with Pinhead banner 336x189 - Get Intimately Acquainted with Candyman, Pinhead & Others When New Docu-series 'Behind the Monsters' Hits Shudder
August 17, 2021

Candyman, Chucky, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Pinhead will all be featured on BEHIND THE MONSTERS!

jason freddy michael 1280x720 1 336x189 - Michael vs. Freddy vs. Jason? Mick Garris Says He’s on “Team Freddy”
July 15, 2021

POST MORTEM host Mick Garris says that Freddy Krueger opens up more creative opportunities than his killer competitors.