Top 5 Questions from Last Night’s Episode of THE WALKING DEAD

When The Walking Dead aired on AMC last night, only a week had passed since Rick Grimes was kidnapped as part of Jadis’s slave trade, but six years had passed for the residents of Alexandria, The Kingdom, and The Hilltop. And while there are signs that things are thriving in some places, there’s also a dark undercurrent that suggests all is not well in the world of The Walking Dead.

Last night’s episode posed more questions than it answered, so we’ll run down the most pressing in the list below. We won’t be asking whether or not the walkers are “evolving”, rather we can announce that “The Whisperers” have officially arrived. Keep in mind, these aren’t the only questions we have following last night’s time jump, just the ones that will keep us up at night hypothesizing.

Why did the communities split?

While no one is feuding, Carl and Rick’s dream of a utopian Alexandria seems only half fulfilled. While the community seems prosperous, it’s become an isolated outpost, completely unaccepting of outsiders. It’s a far cry from the open haven Carl envisioned. What happened to turn Alexandria into a metaphoric island in the apocalypse? Why are the communities isolated from each other, and why is everyone so tense and uneasy about the new arrivals?

Why is The Kingdom falling apart?

While Alexandria is thriving, The Kingdom seems a shell of its former glory. Not only are the crops all but nonexistent, the infrastructure is crumbling with Henry complaining the waterworks are being held together with duct tape. In a way, the condition of The Kingdom is another side of the same question posed above: Why are things falling apart here while others are living in comparative luxury? Why aren’t the communities interacting like a collective anymore?

How did Michonne get her scar?

Michonne has always been tough as nails, but the character exudes a pervasive gloom that’s almost palpable. Her extra-hard exterior may be explained when we find out how she acquired the X-shaped scar on her back. While it looks like it’s directly over her left kidney, this isn’t a surgery scar; rather, it seems like some kind of identifier (painfully applied)—or perhaps the result of torture. What the hell happened?

Who’s in charge of The Hilltop?

Series producers revealed that last Sunday wasn’t just the final episode for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), but the last episode for Maggie Greene/Rhee (Lauren Cohan). That means it’s unlikely that she’s still the leader of The Hilltop. While we know that whoever is in charge is female thanks to unambiguous pronoun usage, it can’t possibly be Maggie—can it? Either way, before we can officially ask, “What happened to Maggie?” we’ve got to ask ourselves, “Who’s in running the show on The Hilltop?”

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What has Daryl been doing?

We only got a couple glimpses of Daryl (and I don’t think he spoke a single word); we get the idea that he’s been living a solitary existence when Carol greets him with “Hello, stranger” at the episode’s conclusion. What’s he been up to over the past six years, what was his involvement in the disintegration of the Alexandria/Hilltop/Kingdom alliance? I have a feeling that the circumstances that turned him into a hermit are harrowing.

While we’re not likely to learn the answers to all these questions immediately, we can hope to at least learn more in next week’s episode, the penultimate before the show’s midseason break.

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