That Time Robert Englund & Dokken Did Cocaine Off Freddy Krueger’s Glove

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

The Youtubers at Consequence of Sound have just put together an interesting video retrospective of the iconic villain from the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise: How Freddy Krueger Went From Child Killer to MTV Rock Star. While most of it is an analytical examination of the marketing tactics used to create Freddy’s unique brand, there’s an especially interesting reveal about the video shoot for Dokken’s “Dream Warriors”.

The song was written for A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and Englund participated in the video in full Krueger makeup. Between takes, however, the boys parties it up like true agents of rock and roll excess; guitarist George Lynch recounted snorting lines of cocaine off of The Springwood Slasher’s bladed glove!

Give the video a spin below for more juicy details and interesting factoids. After that, you can check out the video for Dokken’s “Dream Warriors”. Just remember kids: Freddy’s glove was designed for murder—not drugs, m’kay.

Consequence of Sound dives into the evolution of Freddy Krueger from movie screen’s most gruesome child killer to the 1980’s biggest rockstar. From MTV spots to an NES game, Wes Craven’s character was bigger than Jesus, and remains a pop culture phenomenon to this day.

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