Killer Trailer for THE GOLDBERGS “Mr. Knifey Hands” Episode with Freddy Kruger!

For the uninitiated, The Goldbergs is the series That ‘80s Show tried (and failed) to be. Based on the real-life childhood of creator and showrunner Adam F. Goldberg, it’s a nostalgia-soaked romp through the era of Ronald Regan, Valley Girls, and shopping malls. This week’s episode, Mr. Knifey Hands will pay tribute to another institution of the 1980s: Freddy Krueger, the iconic villain of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise launched by Wes Craven in 1984.

Yesterday, we brought you excerpts of an interview Goldberg gave to Bloody Disgusting where he talked about resurrecting Freddy (played by Robert Englund) from his grave; in part, he stated:

“Convincing Robert Englund to come out of retirement to play Freddy Krueger one last time is a true bucket-list moment for me as a writer. I’ve been a longtime obsessive fan, collecting Freddy artwork and action figures. It took me months to convince Robert to revisit the character. Luckily, his manager Joe Rice is a big Goldbergs fan and helped me convince Robert that the world needed to see Freddy one last time.”

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Mr. Knifey Hands airs this Wednesday, October 24th at 8 PM; you can check out the synopsis below followed by a short trailer.

Despite Beverly’s wishes, Jackie’s parents allow Adam to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and a disagreement between the families ensues; Beverly faces off with horror icon Freddy Krueger; Erica realizes she’s not as popular as she once was.

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