The Host Really Revealed


The Host poster (click for a better look)Just when I thought that my Friday evening websurfing would be fairly routine, my wandering eyes settled on some interesting information about a certain creature that’s been cashing in and terrorizing audiences throughout Korea as well as on a successful festival run.

According to the Cine21 blog, The Host is approximately 7 years old, measures 13.7m long, weighs 500kg, and is, apparently, kinda lonely. In addition to the creature’s dating statistics, there’s also a cache of VERY spoileriffic production drawings, prosthetic photos, and stills from the film.

In light of specific statements by the filmmakers expressing their sincere hope that the film will remain a new and surprising experience for as many people as possible, you’ll have to click here to catch the visual spoilers; and please, spoil responsibly by properly tagging forum posts and blog posts – not everyone likes to spoil their dinner by sampling the dessert. When you’re all done with those, be sure to hit Yahoo! Japan for another new trailer.

Michelle Lee

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