Netflix’s DEATH NOTE 2 Officially In the Works

Adam Wingard’s adaption of Death Note hit Netflix earlier this year. And today we have word the streaming giant is working on the script for the sequel.

A recent THR article revealed that “Among properties it already owns, Netflix is developing a sequel to 2017’s horror-thriller Death Note, which Sarandos has called a ‘sizable’ success, with Greg Russo writing the script.”

Gregg Russo has written scripts for both the unproduced Mortal Kombat reboot and the unproduced Resident Evil reboot.

I didn’t care for the first film, but that said, I did love the absolute hell out of the ending montage set to Air Supply’s “The Power of Love.” Let’s hope there’s more of THAT kind of goodness in the sequel!

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A high school student discovers a supernatural notebook that has deadly powers. He can kill anyone he wishes simply by inscribing their name within its pages. Intoxicated with his new power, he begins to eliminate those he deems unworthy of life.



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