Dimension Addresses the Amityville: The Awakening Poster Situation


This past weekend a rather troubling story came up when we realized that an international poster for Amityville: The Awakening used imagery from the 2016 horror film The Possession Experiment. Since then we’ve been in touch directly with Blumhouse and Dimension Films, both of which produced the film and the latter of which is handling distribution.

Today I spoke with someone from Dimension Films who explained precisely what happened. Per Dimension, the poster was created by an international distributor out of Malaysia without their knowledge. They tell me that this poster was not approved for release and that it has since been taken down with their apologies. The Dimension Films rep was adamant that they did not have any intention of using imagery from another movie.

To recap: This is a foreign distributor jumping the gun, and there was no ill intent from Blumhouse or Dimension Films. The poster in question is not approved, so it shouldn’t be seen as such.

Below is the official poster.

Amityville The Awakening



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