The Amityville: The Awakening Poster Actually Ripped Imagery From The Possession Experiment


UPDATE: We are in touch with both the studio and distributor of Amityville: The Awakening regarding this. Once we get the official word, we will post a follow-up.

Movie posters sharing similar concepts and foundations is no surprise. How many times have we seen “badass hero with back towards the viewer overlooking a landscape of destruction”? Or what about “floating heads EVERYWHERE”? If you want more examples, check out this Imgur post, which goes over 15 different over-used movie poster clich├ęs.

While annoying, at least these posters use their own imagery that they acquired for the film in question. It just makes sense to do that as studios don’t want to confuse their viewers. But it looks like the folk behind Amityville: The Awakening didn’t get that memo as the poster they released yesterday doesn’t share a concept with another film, it flat out steals part of it.

Below, I’ve put the posters for Amityville: The Awakening, which supposedly comes out June 30th, and The Possession Experiment, which came out last year, side-by-side. Now, the former has been pushed back multiple times from its September 2014 original release date but that doesn’t change the fact that the image on its poster straight up copy/pasted the possessed girl on the poster for the latter. The hair lines are the same as is the angle and…everything, okay?! There’s no denying it, no matter what anyone says.

Even The Possession Experiment production manager Desiree Connell chimed in on our comments, pointing out the identical imagery. Addressing the fact that Amityville: The Awakening was shot before The Possession Experiment, Connell states, “This is literally [exact] imagery from our film.” And she isn’t wrong. Movie A can be shot years after Movie B, which was shelved for any number of reasons. Then, when Movie B gets a release date and begins marketing, it doesn’t have a right to Movie A’s imagery just because it was shot first. That’s not how it works and it certainly isn’t right.

I do my best to remain as unbiased as possible. However, there’s no point in being unbiased here. This is 100% clear and it’s shameful. I hope that Amityville: The Awakening addresses this and makes it right.



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