5 New May Additions to Netflix That You Absolutely Have to See


There’s no telling how many awesome genre films will sneak their way into the Netflix lineup this month. We all know that Netflix sporadically adds a slew of new titles every month, so we’re confident we’ll see a few winners hit the dominant (for how long?) digital outlet in the next couple weeks.

For now we’re offering you a few recommendations, and each of these suggestions is a brand new May addition, so they haven’t been floating about Netflix too long!

Drifter (May 1st)
Drifter is a creepy little story that feels desolate and depressing. As the picture progresses into a revenge piece of sorts, the viewer will begin to understand that it isn’t the turmoil that this group endures (which almost has a Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe going for it) that proves most compelling; it’s the characters themselves and how they respond to a potentially fatal scenario. The flick has an awesome grindhouse aesthetic working for it, and a few of these performers are surprisingly solid. You’d be doing yourself an injustice by avoiding the film.

Stake Land II: The Stakelander (May 7th)
Some love Stake Land II, and some adore it. The mood isn’t identical to the first film, and we spend much, much more time focusing on Martin as opposed to the polarizing Mister. While it takes a few minutes to grow accustomed to the differences in the stories, Stake Land II still makes for a great viewing experience. We get some good action, some solid special effects, and hey, even if the film does have something very unique (to the first film) coursing through the production, it still – in the end – feels like a fairly well-written follow-up that managed to surpass my personal expectations.

The Host (May 7th)
If you’re big on monster movies, then The Host is most definitely not a film you want to miss. It’s loaded with amazing digital effects and expertly written characters who perform brilliantly under the guidance of director Bong Joon-ho. From the very first minute of this film up to the moment when we spot a mammoth monster of some sort surface from Seoul’s Han River… it’s balls-to-the-wall action and non-stop thrills.

Beyond the Gates (May 8th)
The Jumanji of horror? Well, not quite, but that’s been a recurring comparison that’s been thrown around by fans across the map. Beyond the Gates is working with a fraction of the budget that Jumanji was produced on, and that shows in limited and sometimes a little questionable set pieces and special effects. It’s a very small production, yes; but you know it’s badass seeing a bunch of unlikely survivor types trapped in a hellacious game.

Dig Two Graves (May 23rd)
An absolutely intoxicating Gothic thriller, Dig Two Graves looks stellar, yet melancholy, which you’ll understand is a fitting mood for the film after you see the opening moments. They set a bleak tone that instantly tells audiences that this one is going to frighten in a deeper place than we’re accustomed to. Ted Levine is in prime form, and he’s got great support from Danny Goldring and Samantha Isler.

Let us know your picks for the month in the comments below!




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