A New Trailer for Sadako vs. Kayako Beckons


If it seems like we’ve been waiting a long time for Sadako vs. Kayako‘s exclusive debut on the Shudder streaming service, it’s because we have… the announcement was made last August. But finally the film is being released in the US, the UK, and Canada on January 26th.

To celebrate its imminent arrival, a brand new trailer has arrived!

Sadako vs. Kayako is the crossover of massive Japanese horror film franchises Ring (remade in the United States as The Ring) and Ju-on (known as The Grudge in the U.S.). It is an epic showdown featuring the two iconic demons fighting each other in the ultimate battle of possession.

The supernatural horror film was directed by Koji Shiraishi (Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman, Grotesque) and marks the 14th film for the Ring series and the 12th film for Ju-on.

After viewing a legendary cursed videotape, Natsumi (Aimi Satsukawa) discovers she has only two days before she will be killed by the demonic entity known as Sadako. The only way to break the curse: pitting the demon Sadako against Kayako, an accursed spirit possessing a haunted house where everyone who enters disappears.


Sadako vs. Kayako



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