Stoner Cats in Space Getting High With Your Help!


With the legalization of marijuana happening across America slowly, we figured that we’d (weed?) point out that it’s completely legal in outer space. Given that there are so many monsters and other curiosities out there in orbit, now is the perfect time to let you know about the following project that we can’t wait to finish up… Stoner Cats in Space, the tale of two really high fuzzball felines and their struggle against evil!

From the Press Release:
DreadCentral Presents (the brainchild of Dread Central co-founder Steve Barton and Ruthless Studios CEO Jesse Baget) announces the launch of the twisted stoner feline comedy Stoner Cats in Space on Kickstarter.

DreadCentral Presents is hoping to garner enough traction to finish funding the comedic feature film, which explores the life of two stoned cats from outer space who watch the most mind-bending selection of Earth TV programming ever imagined (think “Beavis and Butthead” meets Seth Rogen’s Sausage Party). Among the juicy picks are a monster couch with a fierce case of the munchies, a killer toothbrush, and two potheads crashing an exorcism.

Per the film’s official synopsis: Stoner Cats in Space explores the deep relationship between two totally baked cats (voiced by Steve Barton and Joe Knetter) living aboard an evil kitty’s spaceship in the middle of a galactic battle with Earth. Our kitty heroes get absolutely tanked and watch a compilation of the most delirious stoner films out there. These films are directed by some incredibly talented, up-and-coming filmmakers that propel the stoner film sub-genre to a whole other dimension.

Among the perks being offered on Kickstarter are the “Blue Dream Package,” which includes a digital download of the film; “I’m So High Right Meow!,” which includes an official signed poster; and the chance to play a character called “Pussy Catnip” in the movie!

“Believe it or not, this project has been a dream of mine for a while now,” says Ruthless Pictures CEO and Stoner Cats in Space producer Jesse Baget. “I share my house with cats, and they have the greatest sense of humor. It’s a very subtle sense of humor, so you have to pay extra attention, but if you do, you’ll be greatly rewarded. It’s priceless! Their antics have inspired this film.”

Dread Central co-founder and Stoner Cats in Space co-writer Steve Barton, who also produces and voices one of the Stoner Cats, adds, “As a lifelong supporter of indie films and their boundary-pushing content, this project is like some weird psychedelic-induced dream come true. Prepare to have your mind thoroughly blown.”

Animation is being handled by Zebediah De Soto and his team (Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn).

In addition to following along with the project on Kickstarter, stay up-to-date on all the latest via the Stoner Cats in Space Facebook page.

stoner cats in space - Stoner Cats in Space Getting High With Your Help!

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