The Turkish Exorcist – Seytan Now Streaming on Tubi TV


Before quality films like Baskin were coming out of Turkey, the country made its bones by releasing ridiculously (and absolutely hilarious) low budget ripoffs of popular American films like Star Wars, Rambo, and most infamously, The Exorcist. Now, thanks to Tubi TV, one of our favorite online purveyors of FREE streaming scares, you can watch this sliver of cinematic obscurity known as Seytan.

Originally released in Turkey during 1974, Seytan is a shot-for-shot Turkish telling of the hit William Friedkin film The Exorcist, and believe me… it has to be seen to be fully comprehended. And hey, it’s free!

If you’re still celebrating 4/20 (or if it’s 4/20 for you every day), please add this to your must-watch list! You won’t regret it. Or… maybe you will. Just watch it! You’ll either thank us or hate us.

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seytan - The Turkish Exorcist - Seytan Now Streaming on Tubi TV



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