Watch John Fitzpatrick’s The Babysitter and The Boogeyman Short Film


Last month we brought you director John Fitzpatrick’s Jordan Ladd-starring short Voyeur, and today the Los Angeles filmmaker dropped his latest, The Babysitter and The Boogeyman, which stars Adrienne Smith (“We Can Be Heroes”).

Writer/director Fitzpatrick told us of his inspiration for the 4-minute 33-second The Babysitter and The Boogeyman, the third film in his “Scary Endings” short series, “It came out of wanting to lighten up some of the ‘Scary Endings’ episodes. Horror can naturally lead one down darker paths, and we wanted to get back to the whole idea that horror can be fun too! The inspiration for this begins with a conversation I was having with my wife, Sarah, about how parking garages freak her out. It started there with something following someone in a garage. The next inspiration, albeit a very loose one, is an episode of ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ cartoon where Egon is terrorized by the Boogeyman. I always loved that episode. So we just decided to have fun with a boogeyman of sorts and play with the idea of what if the Boogeyman followed the Babysitter home?”

The Babysitter and The Boogeyman (which in addition to Smith stars Casey Kooyman, Marisilda Garcia, and Mike Estes) is the third of many shorts the team aims to produce, releasing one a month as part of an ongoing anthology series. Rounding out Fitzpatrick’s posse is director of photography Nicholas Kaat and producers Ryan Dillon, Sarah Fitzpatrick, Brian Chandler, Jessica Chandler, and Adam J. Yeend (with makeup for this third installment provided by Michelle Burgo).

Regarding the production, Fitzpatrick (who directed the film festival darling, Cerina Vincent-starring short Skypemare) said of Boogeyman, “As is typical for these, challenges were realizing the vision with the crazy time and budget restraints. We only spend 12 to 14 hours filming them and never more than about $600.00! In this one we had a child, played wonderfully by a very excited Miles Chandler, three company moves, and 57 camera setups. We got through it, but the sheer volume of work to pack into the three and a half pages was daunting and exhausting to say the least. Everyone did an amazing job. I am blessed to have an incredible, unstoppable crew; and I think we ended up making something fun, especially for the younger crowd, which is who we would also like to start speaking to a little bit more.”

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babysitter boogeyman - Watch John Fitzpatrick's The Babysitter and The Boogeyman Short Film

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