#SDCC15: Scream Factory Announces 10 New Blu-ray Releases Including The Return of the Living Dead!


Get ready to fire up your Blu-ray player and gather round your TV set a lot in the coming months because Scream Factory just dropped a huge announcement of 10 upcoming titles that are sure to knock at least one of your socks off.

Here’s the exciting line-up, straight from the Scream Factory Facebook page:

1. WOMEN’S PRISON MASSACRE (1983) – First women-in-prison film in the Scream Factory roster. Bonus points for being Italian-made.
2. BLOOD AND LACE (1971) – First time ever on a home entertainment format!
3. TROLL (1986) – Which will be paired with Troll 2 as a double feature.
4. GHOST STORY (1981)
5. THE GUARDIAN (1990) – From the director of The Exorcist!
6. THE CAR (1977)
7. NIGHTMARES (1983)
9. GARBAGE PAIL KIDS: THE MOVIE (Collector’s Edition) (1987) – Not horror of course, but “gross” enough!
10. THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD (Collector’s Edition) (1985) – !!!

We have no details to report on this time other than that Death Becomes Her, Blood and Lace, and Troll are slated for November 2015 street dates. The rest will roll out in the months to follow with ROTLD likely releasing in summer/fall of 2016.

Did you predict correctly on any of these?

We’ll keep you posted as details roll out, especially with regard to Foy favorite Garbage Pail Kids, which he swears will sell tens of dozens of copies!




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