Netflix: May Horror Roundup

By now you’ve no doubt noticed the inclusion of trending pics like Joy Ride 3, The Canal, Jinn and Extraterrestrial to Netflix’s streaming lineup. It’s hard to miss them, as they’re plastered all over the main page and have been since arriving on the popular site. But there are a few other flicks that have made their way to Netflix this month that may not necessarily go noticed by those with a schedule that puts the breaks on leisurely browsing.

Once more, we’re here for you. Check out an assortment of recent additions that are more than worth your time.

netflix - Netflix: May Horror Roundup

Ghoulies III: If you know the Ghoulies franchise, you know these flicks are designed to provide brainless entertainment. They’re goofy, they’re cheesy and not a single film in the series boasts a truly special storyline to follow. That doesn’t change the fact that fans of outlandish B-movies will probably always love these movies. A cold case of beer, a few buddies and an improvised drinking game ensure good fun.

[REC] 4: Apocalypse: Full disclosure: I wasn’t crazy about [REC] 4 upon initial viewing. A return to the fourth flick in the popular zombie franchise, however, has me singing a different tune. Sure, the familiar found footage angle has been done away with, and yes, the concept (the virus has now been transferred to a ship floating about in no man’s land) feels a bit silly, but the flick still manages to entertain. There’s a valid attempt at tying all four features (yes, even the left-field third installment) together, Manuela Velasco returns to reprise her role as Angela Vidal and the final act is balls-out action. It’s a far cry from the masterpiece that [REC] was, but it’s enjoyable.

Late Phases: One of the best werewolf flicks to hit the masses in years, Late Phases is an awesome character study first and foremost. These aren’t your typical protagonists and antagonists, and the conflict is a bit atypical for the subgenre. Nick Damici is great, Adrián García Bogliano’s style pops and Robert Kurtzman’s creature effects are unique. This is a fine little treasure to unearth.

Hayride 2: Pitchfork probably isn’t going to earn a place amongst welcomed and adored serial killers like Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers, but those with a soft spot in their hearts for low budget slasher fare are going to find his presence rewarding. Hayride 2 has a slightly different feel than that provided by the first film, but at the core it’s the same business, and the second installment doesn’t mark any major spiral in quality for this young series.

Housebound: Housebound sneaks onto Netflix, disappears and returns before we ever realize it had vanished from the database to begin with. Right now it’s live, and if you haven’t caught it yet, you need to. This is an awesome, multi-layered ghost story with quality twists and a few amazing performances (Morgana O’Reilly rocks!). It also looks damn good and moves at a stellar pace. If you’re looking for a film that breaks the rules but pays off huge, Housebound is a guaranteed safe pick. Catch it now before it disappears temporarily.

Bad Milo: Bad Milo makes for one big nod to over-the-top films of the 1980s, and it’s every bit as thrilling as some similar past works to come before it decades ago. Ken Marino is gold as the unfortunate soul who forces a menacing, toothy monster right from his ass. Yeah, you just read that right, and if you’re thinking we need to spend another moment even discussing the film, you clearly don’t have the curiosity required to seek out a toilet humor treasure like this, which is indeed worth seeing.

Honeymoon: Honeymoon has been hanging out on Netflix for a number of weeks now, but it’s been such a low-key release you may have simply missed it. Don’t. This one has amazing atmosphere, two wicked performances and a spin on the age old invasion tale that proves extremely gratifying. Certainly one of the best to land in our laps last year, Honeymoon should be owned, but there’s no reason not to test the waters on Netflix first.

Grabbers: Like Honeymoon, Grabbers isn’t a brand spanking new release on Netflix, but it is an ass-kicking monster movie that essentially pits a tentacled savage against more than a few kegs of beer. Yep, you read that right. We’re going to refrain from jumping into too many plot points, but you should know that this is an excellent film with quality comedy, special effects and performances. The screenplay is genius, and Richard Coyle turns in his finest performance to date. If creature features are your thing, you’re going to adore Grabbers

Written by Matt Molgaard

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