10 Terrifying Found Footage Movies Available to Watch on Prime Video

Afflicted found footage

A few weeks ago I wrote about some of the scariest found footage film streaming on Tubi, which is truly a godsend for fans of the subgenre. But, Prime Video also is a treasure trove of hidden gems. I dug into their list of offerings to find some of the best selections on the streamer for both hardcore found footage fans and newcomers alike.


There’s a surprising lack of vampire found footage movies. But, Afflicted makes up for that with a unique take on the beloved monster as two best friends vlog their trip around Europe. But, Derek has a heart condition he needs to monitor closely. Then, a vampire sniffs him out and decides to turn him to save his life. A double-edged sword, right? The film then documents his horrific transformation and what it means for him to become a bloodsucker.

Frankenstein’s Army

found footage

If you want incredible monster design and practical effects in your found footage, look no further than the 2013 film Frankenstein’s Army. The film takes place during World War II when a group of Russian soldiers is sent on a mission to find their missing comrades. But, they’re unknowingly lured into the lab of a mad Nazi scientist fusing dead bodies with robots to create an undead army of terrifying proportions. Why are they filming? A documentarian has been tasked to capture footage for a Russian propaganda film about the power of the Red Army.

The Taking of Deborah Logan

This is a found footage classic that strikes an emotional beat while also delivering creepy vibes and one hell of a finale. The film starts with a documentary crew following a woman taking care of her mother, the titular Deborah Logan, who has dementia. But as the days pass and Deborah’s behavior gets more erratic, they begin to think something else is in control of her. There’s a particular shot in a cave that’s worth watching the movie for alone.

Untitled Horror Movie

Untitled Horror Movie is a horror comedy by way of found footage. It follows six costars who learn that their show is about to be canceled. So, they decide to make their own horror movie. But in the process, they unknowingly summon a demon. This is second screen horror, meaning it’s filmed primarily via Zoom chats, similar to what we see in Host and Unfriended. Released in 2021, it’s a welcome addition to the pandemic second-screen horror trend.

Curse of Aurore

Unnamed Footage Festival found footage

This recent found footage release features one of the best ensemble casts I’ve seen in the subgenre. The filmmakers are making a documentary about the real-life Aurore Gagnon who died after suffering from horrific child abuse. They want to make something about her story, but slowly uncover something paranormal. Make sure to pay attention to the background, as director Mehran Torgoley inserted quite a few haunting moments that could be missed if you aren’t paying attention.

The Conspiracy

This pseudo-documentary follows a man named Terrance who is an avid conspiracy theorist. The documentarian duo is fascinated with his research, and one of them is actually convinced he may be right. But when Terrance disappears, they quickly learn the conspiracy goes deeper than they could’ve ever imagined.

Grave Encounters

Grave Encounters is another found footage sleeper hit that capitalizes on the trend of pompous ghosthunters bursting into haunted places, determined to make a viral hit. What makes this different is how it devolves into cosmic-like horror as the abandoned hospital doesn’t want the group to leave.

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

found footage

Speaking of ghost hunters looking for a viral hit, Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum hits similar beats to Grave Encounters with even more scares. One moment including a close-up of a girl’s face is particularly harrowing and haunts my waking moments. The film follows a group of YouTubers who recruit a random group of viewers to go with them to the most haunted place in Korea: Gonjiam. Their goal is to get over one million views. But the curse is more than just a tall tale, and it’s hungry for influencers.


A ratter is a hacker who hacks into people’s cameras and secretly watches them. Ratter follows a young woman (Ashley Benson) who falls victim to such a crime. But then the hacker starts coming to her home. The horror only escalates from there as we watch her spiral into paranoia as a creep stalks her every move.

Bad Ben 7: The Haunted Highway

Don’t let the 7 dissuade you from checking out what is perhaps one of the best installments of the Bad Ben cinematic universe. For the unindoctrinated, Bad Ben is the brainchild of director Nigel Bach about a man living in a haunted house. In his seventh installment, he branches off the continuity to see Bach driving for a ride-share service. But, he starts picking up creepy creatures as the night wears on. It’s campy, hilarious, and has surprisingly effective moments. This isn’t one that’ll scare you, but it’ll definitely have you in a good mood.


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