Zack Estrin

Second Trailer Teaser for Paranormal Activity 4

Okay, something is definitely going on here. Yesterday at 6:00 am Paramount released the first trailer teaser for Paranormal Activity 4. Today at 6:00 am they posted this second one. Could a third be on the way the next time that the clock strikes 6:00? 6:66 maybe? We shall see!

Check out the Paranormal Activity 4 Teaser!

August 1st. That's the day when you'll see the trailer for Paranormal Activity 4. How do we know? Because Paramount just released an all too brief teaser for the trailer, and we have that for you right here.

Official Paranormal Activity 4 Title Treatment

Paramount has unveiled the title treatment for Paranormal Activity 4, and yes, it pretty much looks exactly how we expected it to. But hey, it is official, and when it comes to official information on the Paranormal Activity franchise, you needn't look much further than right here!

First Possible Casting News for Paranormal Activity 4

Some more news has come in for Paranormal Activity 4, and now that we're getting closer to October, we could be seeing a lot of it! Read on for the latest on who will be there sending shivers down your spine next.

Writer Found for Paranormal Activity 4

Some big news has come in regarding just who will be penning the script for Paranormal Activity 4, and while the name may not be familiar to many of you, given his connections to Paranormal producer Jason Blum and the horror franchise's creator, Oren Peli, it makes perfect sense. Read on for the details!