You're Next

Summer Horror Preview Image Blow-Out - Pacific Rim, World War Z, You're Next and Elysium

This week's Entertainment Weekly is home to a handful of new stills from some of the summer's biggest movies. Because the images are on the smallish side of the fence, we thew them all into one story for you cats! Dig it!

Summer Horror Preview Image Blow-Out - Pacific Rim, World War Z, The Conjuring, You're Next and More!

This week's EW is home to the mag's annual Summer Movie Preview, and we've gone through it and culled the goodies for you right here. The images were of varying sizes and some were relatively minor so we threw them all together in one spot so you can still dig on the new stills.

The You're Next Trailer Finally Arrives and Delivers... Big Time!

Remember the days when you'd see a movie trailer and think to yourself, "Oh, yeah. I am SO there!"? Well, this is one of those times, fiends, as Lionsgate has delivered one hell of a trailer for the upcoming summertime terror tale You're Next.

New Still from You're Next; Trailer Dropping Soon

Excited for the much talked about new flick, You're Next? You should be as it is a winner. That being said you'll be able to get a taste of it really soon as an official trailer is finally on its way. Read on for details.

SXSW 2013 Exclusive Interview: Co-Star Sharni Vinson Talks Surviving You're Next and More

By far one of our favorite films from the 2013 SXSW Film Festival was Adam Wingard's stunning home invasion thriller You're Next, and one of the (many) reasons we fell so hard had to be the movie's no-nonsense heroine Erin played by Sharni Vinson.

You're Next to See Three New Posters

More masked goodness is coming in for Lionsgate's summer home invasion spectacular You're Next. On tap right now are three, count 'em three, new posters that are destined to bring out the animal in you.

You're Next at Dread Central

"Just when you thought you were safe... You're Next!" So reads the note enclosed in the box with one of the masks worn by the slashers in Lionsgate's summer release You're Next that has arrived at the DC office. Check out some images right here!

SXSW 2013 Exclusive: Adam Wingard Talks You're Next, Sequel Potential and More

While at the 2013 SXSW Film Festival, Dread Central had the opportunity to sit down and chat with You're Next filmmaker Adam Wingard the day after the film's hugely successful first screening in Austin.

SXSW 2013: You're Next to See a New Image

Playing as part of this year's South by Southwest Film Festival is You're Next (review), and to usher in the flick's premiere, we have a new axe-happy still for you to take a swing at!

Another Look at You're Next

A new look at one flick that has everyone buzzing, You're Next (review), has arrived via the film's Facebook page; and we have the eye candy for you right here. Check it out!

Lionsgate Finally Releasing You're Next

It was during the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival when Lionsgate scooped up the rights to the highly acclaimed horror film You're Next (review), and now, over a year later, we finally have some idea of when we'll be able to see it!

More Up-and-Coming Horror Films Added to the Sitges 2012 Lineup

Indie horror film fans will find a lot to like at this year's Sitges film fest with the announcement of five more titles being added to the lineup from some very impressive up-and-coming filmmakers. Read on for the details!

Indie Horror Month Video Interview Part Two: Barbara Crampton Talks Chopping Mall, Nudity and New Flicks You're Next and The Lords of Salem

In Part 1 of our interview with Barbara Crampton, she discussed Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator, From Beyond and Castle Freak as well as the joys of collaborating with both Gordon and Jeffrey Combs several times.

Bitchin' New Concept One-Sheet - You're Next

The good folks over at Phantom City Creative have unleashed a brand new concept one-sheet for Adam Wingard's latest film, You're Next (review here), and it's so badass we just had to share. Dig it!

Fantastic Fest 2011: Fantastic Fest Award Winners! You're Next Cleans Up!

With Fantastic Fest 2011 winding down, the event has announced its award winners! What was the best in show? Who took home top honors? Read on for all of the juicy details!