You're Next

You're Next (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Sharni Vinson, Amy Seimetz, AJ Bowen, Barbara Crampton Directed by Adam Wingard Distributed by Lionsgate

Adam Wingard, AJ Bowen and Simon Barrett Talk You're Next

There’s a bit of under the radar stunt-casting in You’re Next: Indie horror directors abound – on the run from a small herd of cross-bow and ax-wielding killers clad in farm-animal masks are Larry Fessenden, Ti West, Amy Seimetz and Joe Swanberg.

LEGO Slasher Icons Celebrate You're Next Home Video Release

You're Next invades home video next week, landing on DVD and Blu-ray here in the States on Tuesday and one day prior over in the UK. To celebrate the UK release, the folks over at Organic Marketing had custom LEGO figures created of iconic slasher villains...

UK DVD and Blu-ray Told: You're Next!

It's been raved about all year while making the festival rounds - and for good reason. Now, director Adam Wingard's brutal and bloody home invasion shocker You're Next will be bashing its way into households across the UK on January 13th, 2014, courtesy of Lionsgate.

You're Next Prepares for Home Video Home Invasion!

We're getting pretty close to that time when all the horror websites start listing off their favorite flicks of the year, and we can be pretty sure that You're Next (review) will be popping up on a whole lot of those lists - even if it technically first saw release way back in 2011.

Watch the Full Comic-Con 2013 Masters of the Web Panel Featuring Heather Wixson of Dread Central!

At last month's San Diego Comic-Con, some of the biggest names in horror journalism assembled together for a special panel fittingly dubbed "Masters of the Web," including the folks behind genre sites like FEARnet, Bloody Disgusting, and Shock Till You Drop.

The World's End, You're Next, and The Mortal Instruments Fight for Leftovers at The Butler's Box Office

Though the end of August is traditionally one of the slower movie-going weekends of the year, it was a big weekend for the genre. So how did our three contenders fare?

The Top 9 Unorthodox Weapons in Horror

The new horror film You're Next is anything but traditional. So to celebrate the release of this new diabolical nightmare, we've decided to bring you a list that is anything but traditional itself. Take a gander at the Top 9 Most Unorthodox Weapons in Horror!

You're Next (2013)

Starring Sharni Vinson, Amy Seimetz, AJ Bowen, Barbara Crampton Directed by Adam Wingard

Exclusive: Barbara Crampton on Her Return to Acting and More for You're Next

On Friday director Adam Wingard’s You’re Next arrives in theaters nationwide courtesy of Lionsgate, and during a recent press day for the film, Dread Central was thrilled to catch up with one of our all-time favorite actresses and You’re Next co-star, Barbara Crampton.

New Alamo Drafthouse PSA Reminds You... If You Talk or Text You're Next!

There's nothing more annoying than some idiot talking or texting while you're trying to watch a movie. The Alamo Drafthouse knows this all too well and has cooked up something special for the premiere of You're Next featuring stars Barbara Crampton and AJ Bowen. Dig it!

Exclusive: Writer Simon Barrett on You're Next, Sequel Potential and More

This week Lionsgate is finally unleashing Adam Wingard's superb home invasion thriller You're Next, and in anticipation of the film's release, Dread Central recently interviewed writer Simon Barrett.

CONTEST CLOSED! You're Next Contest Is Guaranteed to Bring Out the Animal in You

On tap right now is a brand spanking new contest for this week's horror offering You're Next! That's right, kids! A contest to die for! We're talking cool gear and spooky fun for all, damn it! Read on for details.

New You're Next Still and Poster Gallery Spell Things Out

Yesterday we were sent one of several new You're Next posters to show you cats, and today we have all the eye candy in one place along with two brand new stills featuring Barbara Crampton and AJ Bowen. Dig 'em!

Exclusive You're Next One-Sheet Arrives at Dread Central

An exclusive new one-sheet arrived at Dread Central's office via e-mail with the ominous message "You’ve been chosen. The animals are on the hunt. And Heather… #YoureNext". Needless to say, TheHorrorChick is now hiding under her desk. It's always the chicks, man!