Come Home to the House of Fears

Way back in February (where has this year gone?) we told you about a little film called House of Fears. Hell, we even showed you the trailer. Then it just disappeared. Until now.

Project Origin Adds F.E.A.R.

F.E.A.R. (review) was a great game, and its sequel, Project Origin, has been looking as if it would be a great game also, even if it’s been pushed back to next year. However, the rights to the game have always been a bit of a muddle.

Vivendi To Spread Boll's Seed

Did I write this story just so I could use that cheeky headline? Better believe it. But I also figured some of you might actually be interested in an update on the status of Uwe Boll's blood-drenched slasher flick Seed.