Vincent Ward

The Walking Dead: Q&A with Vincent M. Ward (Oscar)

Still trying to figure out ways to kill time between now and the February 10th return of "The Walking Dead"? How about reading a quick Q&A with Vincent M. Ward, who played the dearly departed Oscar?

Settlement Reached - The Walking Dead Back on Dish TONIGHT!

DISH customers, rejoice! A settlement between Cablevision Systems Corporation and DISH has come just in time to get Episode 2 of the popular AMC series "The Walking Dead" back on screens tonight! Who says the squeaky wheel doesn't get the oil?

The Walking Dead: Who Was That in the Final Scene of the Season 3 Premiere?

If you haven't watched last night's Season 3 premiere of "The Walking Dead" yet, then you'll want to skip this story. If you have, then you're probably wondering who the hell that was in the final scene. Read on for all the details along with the show's incredible ratings results!