Ghost Trek - The Kinsey Report Part 2


In this webisode, Shawna meets with Harvey to demand he fire Zeke for hooking up with Svetlana - but Harvey insists that she can't fire him for getting some strange because Zeke's name is on the masthead. Scary Carrie abuses Weasel about his latest arrest for his kleptomania. Harvey informs Shawna that marketing is adding a "cute college newbie" to the team. The PUDS team arrives in Aspen at the abandoned Kinsey House finding a cold Guy Swisher, Ghost Trek's resident psychic, who flew in and took a cab to the location. Scary Carrie gives the case information on the death of "Tyler Rae Kinsey" revealing the house may be cursed. She's also a little pissed off about this new "team member".

GHOST TREK: THE KINSEY REPORT is the pilot episode in an uncensored comic - horror series based around a paranormal reality show that will be featured on Dread Central in four separate webisodes beginning Monday, October 8th, 2012 and will be presented every consecutive Monday (October 15th, 22nd, and 29th).

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