Video Nasty

Mario Covone Talks Nasty... Video Nasty!

The moral panic associated with 'Video Nasties' in 1980s Great Britain is a cultural and political phenomenon that continues to live on in infamy in the memories of UK horror fanatics, including indie comic writer Mario Covone, who spoke to us about his new series, Video Nasty, which takes place during the mindless witch hunt of the times.

Issue #1 of Reaper Comics' New Release Video Nasty Now Available

Reaper Comics has launched a new six-issue comic in the UK entitled Video Nasty, and we have a look at it for you here. It's by Mario Covone, hailed as "an exciting new voice in comics with a cool new spin on a provocative subject" by director Jake West (Doghouse).

Indie Horror Month: Q&A with the Directors of UK Indie Horror Movie Patrol Men

Here at Dread Central we’ve been covering the UK independent horror movie Patrol Men ever since mid-2009. It’s been a long and arduous road for filmmakers Ben Simpson and David Campion so we knew that with the film’s overseas release happening this week, it was the perfect time to chat with the pair in honor of our month-long Indie Horror Month celebration.