Vertigo Films

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers: Win a Huge Nine-Pack of Scares on DVD!

To celebrate the UK release of A Night in the Woods by Vertigo Films theatrically (7th September) and on DVD and download by Momentum Pictures Home Entertainment (10th September), we've got a box set of nine, yes nine(!), horror-tastic DVDs to give away!

Monsters 2 Gets a Pair of Directors and a Plot Outline

Well, this is some interesting news. According to Screen Daily UK producer-distributor Vertigo Films is ramping up the sequel for Gareth Edwards' Monsters. They've already signed on a pair of directors and provided a brief description of what we can expect.

Trailer Debut - Vertigo Films' Guinea Pigs

Not only has The Human Centipede given us an all new, even more disturbing vision of ass-to-mouth hijinx, it has also sparked a new craze of medical horror flicks. The next one out of the gate? Vertigo Films' Guinea Pigs.

Two New 3D Horror Flicks Coming from Vertigo Films - A Night in the Woods and a Sequel to Shrooms

One flick I wasn't expecting to see a sequel to at all was Shrooms. The original had so much potential to be a truly trippy horror jaunt but fulfilled few, if any, expectations. Maybe they can get it right in this second go-round.

Indie Filmmakers are Guinea Pigs

We knew it all along! So this is what Hollywood puts its budding filmmakers through! Experiments! Tests! Lobotomies! Someone needs to put a stop to this kind of ... what? Oh, Guinea Pigs is the title of a film made by a trio on indie filmmakers. Well. That changes everything.

Ben Stiller is Hearing The Voices

Man's best friends. Our pets are always there for us when we need them to be. They curl up with us when we're sick. They make us smile when we're down. And should we ever end up committing murder, you can be sure they'll become vocal enough to help us cover our tracks!