Left 4 Dead 2 (Video Game)

Reviewed by Coach Available for the Xbox 360 (reviewed here) and PC Distributed by Valve Software and EA Games

Left 4 Dead 2 Hi-Rez Movie Posters / Midnight Riders to be Playable?

Left 4 Dead 2 is out now, and it's kicking a copious amount of ass. Whereas the first game innovated, this one polishes the concept and really makes it shine. So all you guys on the anti bandwagon -- you're missing one hell of a game. Probably the best zombie themed game I've ever played.

Left 4 Dead ... Now for NES!

What with Left 4 Dead 2 now on store shelves and taking up the majority of our free time, have you ever wondered what this maniacal game would have looked like if it had been for the original Nintendo Entertainment System?

Leaked Left 4 Dead 2 Trailer

On November 17th zombie fans around the world will finally be able to get their hands on Valve's latest slay-a-thon, Left 4 Dead 2. Right now, though, you can watch a leaked three-minute trailer that's all about getting you pumped to lay down a rain of hot lead!

Left 4 Dead 2 TV Spot Knocks it Out of the Park

Fans of the original Left 4 Dead are gonna have a lot to cheer about once its sequel Left 4 Dead 2 hits stores on November 17th. The first TV spot for the zombie slaughter-fest has made its way online, and if this doesn't tickle your trigger finger, we don't know what will.

New DLC Due for Left 4 Dead

Valve Software announced yesterday that a new DLC pack for the original Left 4 Dead is due in September. ‘Crash Course’ is a new chapter to the game, set between the original ‘No Mercy’ and ‘Death Toll’ campaigns.

Left 4 Dead 2: Battle the Undead in the Swamps!

Sure, Left 4 Dead 2 looks like more of the same, but it also looks like a blast.

Angry Left 4 Dead Fans Petition Valve

Since the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2 fans have been in a bit of an uproar, and understandably so. While amazing, Left 4 Dead is a bit lean in terms of content, and consumers haven't been shy at all letting developer Valve know how they feel.

E3: Left 4 Dead 2 in Action!

Though it was just announced and I'm still loving the original, Left 4 Dead 2 is already on the top of most fans' most anticipated game of the year lists, and with good reason -- it looks amazing!


Fresh out of the Microsoft E3 press conference comes the news that last years best horror game is going to get a sequel THIS year. A short trailer shown revealed a New Orleans setting, and our new cast of survivors will be grabbing pots, pans, and yes, power tools, to help them in their escape from presumably the same zombie crisis we saw last year.

Left 4 Dead DLC Hands On Preview

As you well know, the best damned zombie game on the planet is getting an upgrade soon in the form of DLC (that's downloadable content for you non-gamers), and the lucky bastards at IGN.com got to preview it.

Left 4 Dead DLC Officially Announced

It's no secret my favorite game of the past year is without question Left 4 Dead. Lots of folks have been complaining that it was on the short side of the fence, but to me? Killing zombies never gets old. Still, for the complainers out there Valve is set to deliver.

Left 4 Dead (Video Game)

Reviewed by Francis Available for the Xbox 360 (reviewed here) and PC Distributed by Valve Software and EA Games

Left 4 Dead Downloadable Content Coming

There's no question Left 4 Dead is my candidate for Game of the Year. It provides hours of zombie-killing mayhem with, for me at least, an endless amount of replay value, but according to developer Valve, we've got lots of goodies coming to enhance an already great game via DLC!

More Footage from Left 4 Dead

More video has surfaced from the video game that I can honestly say is my most anticipated of the year, Left 4 Dead. This is the game zombie fans have been waiting for, and if you have any doubts just spend a few minutes playing the demo that's available right now!