Underworld 3D

New Behind-the-Scenes Imagery - Underworld 4: New Dawn 3D

Any fan of vampires, werewolves, and chicks in skin-tight leather will be happy to hear that more behind-the-scenes imagery from the upcoming flick Underworld 4: New Dawn 3D have hit this crazy thing called the interwebs, and we've got a sampling right here!

India Eisley Brings New Blood to Underworld 4: New Dawn

Finally some solid details have come regarding Sony Screen Gems' next entry into the ever so toothy (and hairy, we always forget about the Lycans) Underworld franchise, Underworld 4: New Dawn.

Selene Strutting Her Stuff in Latest Underworld: New Dawn 3D Image

Who out there isn't a fan of seeing Kate Beckinsale in skin-tight leather? I mean, this chick can bite us anytime and anywhere that she likes. Get ready to feast your eyes on the very first image of Selene. The flick stars Beckinsale along with Michael Ealy, who plays a detective she ends up partnering with.

Michael Ealy Detects Selene in Underworld 3D

More casting news coming in for the fourth film in the Underworld franchise, now being called Underworld 3D. It seems that in the film Kate Beckinsale will join with an unlikely partner in crime.