Ugly Americans

Ugly Americans: Apocalypseggedon Video Game Coming in August

Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans" will be represented at San Diego Comic-Con via a panel to be held on Friday, July 22, in Room 23ABC. In advance of that, we have some info on the series' downloadable tie-in game, "Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon", which is coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network in August.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Day 2 (July 22) Schedule Now Live; Panel Info for The Walking Dead, True Blood, and More!

The horror-themed goods at Comic-Con just got a lot bigger and better with the confirmation of Friday, July 22's panel schedule, which includes some of our returning favorite and most anticipated new TV shows such as "The Walking Dead", "True Blood", "Bedlam" and "The River" along with films like Raven, Underworld 4, Fright Night, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and Attack the Block.

Learn All About Manbirds on the Ugly Americans Season Finale

Is it really already time for the "Ugly Americans" season finale? Time sure flies when we're having fun. And you know what else flies? Manbirds! Which are the subject of the finale, in which Mark takes the gang to the Museum of Natural History to learn about the South Pacific's best kept secret.

Experience Night Terrors with Ugly Americans

After spending Halloween in Hell, this week "Ugly Americans" visits the world of reality television in "Trolling for Terror". After Randall joins the cast of sleazy reality show "Night Terrors", the program’s unbalanced producer becomes obsessed with Mark.

Spend Halloween in Hell with Ugly Americans

Season Two of Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans" is in full swing, and in tonight’s new episode Mark and Callie decide to spend Halloween in Hell with her family, who have some special plans for Mark. Be sure to tune in, but first, why not take a tour through a demonic manufacturing plant via a preview clip of the ep?

Two New Ugly Americans Clips - One Year of Ugly Americans and Abscess Hollywood

Season Two of Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans" premieres tonight (October 6th), and the powers-that-be have provided us with two more clips to get viewers fired up, one entitled "One Year of Ugly Americans", in which social worker Mark Lilly sums up his first year in New York, and the other "Abscess Hollywood", in which TV show Abscess Hollywood reports on Jessica Alba and Abraham Lincoln's relat

New Ugly Americans Clip - Psychiatric Evaluations

Season Two of Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans" premieres this Wednesday, October 6th, with an episode entitled "Psychiatric Evaluations", in which Mark counsels Tim, the two-headed worm creature, and gives psychiatric evaluations to Department of Integration employees. Of course we have a clip to pique your curiosity.

Vampires, Zombies, Monsters, and More at the 2010 New York Comic Con

The schedule for the upcoming New York Comic Con, taking place October 8th-10th at the Jacob K. Javits Center, is starting to take shape so we thought we'd give you a heads-up on some of the more horror-centric panels that have been announced so far in addition to the one we already mentioned for "The Walking Dead" happening on Sunday, the 10th at 2:15 pm in the IGN Theater.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Ugly Americans Season One on DVD

Updated: One copy of the Season One DVD will be given away on Twitter. From your Twitter account, Tweet "Win Ugly Americans S1 DVD http://bit.ly/cDJlDK US/Can rez Follow @dreadcentral & ReTweet this! Watch on @ComedyCentral Wed"

Time to Get Ugly Again! Ugly Americans Returns October 6th!

Season Two of Comedy Central's animated hit “Ugly Americans” begins October 6th and promises to be even freakier than the first. New York City is out of this world again as vampires, zombies and freaks shake up the Big Apple!

Ugly Americans Season Finale: Kong of Queens

It seems like we just started talking about Comedy Central's Ugly Americans, and already this week is the show's season finale. But no worries -- it's been picked up for an additional season, which will start airing in October. During the finale tomorrow night, April 28th, Mark struggles as he attempts to help a giant ape with OCD, voiced by 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer.

Ugly Americans Takes on Twilight

Today seems to be the day for parodies as we've learned that tonight's episode of Ugly Americans is all about Twilight. Watch as Mark is sent in to counsel a young woman (Bella) who wants to become a vampire like her boyfriend (Edward).

Get Your Treegasm on With This Week's Ugly Americans Clip

And we thought Supernatural was hot stuff with its 100th episode airing this week. Comedy Central's South Park is celebrating its 200th(!) episode on April 14th, and airing immediately afterward is Ugly Americans "Treegasm". Watch as Mark meets a pair of creatures who are expected to participate in a public mating ritual but are having second thoughts.

Ugly Americans Clip: Can't a Blob Get a Job?

Comedy Central has shared with us the latest “Ugly Americans” preview for the new episode airing tomorrow night. Watch as Mark and Leonard try to figure out exactly what creature “walks” into the Department of Integration looking for a job.

Two Clips from This Week's Ugly Americans

Did you miss Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans" this week? If so, catch up with a couple of clips. If not, then relive the fun to be had with an inappropriate zombie sponsor and a supernatural trust exercise that goes terribly wrong.