Toy Story of Terror

First Clip From Toy Story of Terror! Delivers Humor and Horror

Giving "The Simpsons" a run for their money this Halloween season, Woody and the gang are set to star in their very own Halloween special, titled "Toy Story of Terror!" Check out the first clip, and look for it October 16th at 8/7c on ABC!

Toy Story of Terror's Combat Carl Ready for Action!

Another look at Pixar's Toy Story of Terror has arrived, this time featuring the Carl Weathers voiced action hero... Combat Carl!

Terrifying Toy Story of Terror Trailer Tingles Spines!

Gather up your kids and get ready for a crash course in gateway horror as your first look at Pixar's Toy Story of Terror has arrived for you to dig on! Check it out and look for more on this one soon!

Promotional Art for Toy Story of Terror Emerges from the Toy Box!

As we reported earlier this year, the lovable gang from the Toy Story films are about to get the daylights scared out of them with a Halloween special that will be airing on ABC this October.

Make a Date with the Toy Story of Terror

Some quick news is coming in for those of you out there looking forward to Pixar's Toy Story of Terror! ABC announced today that it will air the special at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, October 16th! Your kids are gonna love it! Okay, so will you!

Pixar Readying Toy Story of Terror for Halloween 2013

Do you have any kids you want to introduce to horror? Or maybe you're just a big kid at heart? Then you'll want to mark your calendars for Halloween of 2013 as that's when Pixar Animation Studios and Disney will be releasing the "Toy Story of Terror" TV special, which will take you on a trip to infinity... from the beyond!