5 Horror TV Shows We Want to See Streaming on Netflix or Hulu

3. Freddy’s Nightmares Can you make a call to my house? My house TV to be precise? The horror program starring the legendary Robert Englund playing the iconic Freddy Krueger was every horror kid’s favorite series to sneak after dinner… Continue Reading


8 of the Best Religious Horror Films to Check Out!

One thing that all fans of the horror genre can agree with is that there is a great selection of different sub-genres to choose from. To the casual movie viewer who doesn’t necessarily watch horror, though, they typically just see… Continue Reading


13 Movies That Should Have Convinced Hollywood to Abandon the Remake Trend

Fright Night

There are a lot of awesome remakes out there. David Cronenberg’s The Fly was a masterful film. Gore Verbinski’s take on Ring, aptly titled The Ring, was legitimately frightening. Breck Eisner’s rendition of The Crazies was a blast. Alexandre Aja’s… Continue Reading


31 Days of October Madness Strikes Back! – Part 4

Pet Sematary

All Hallows’ Eve is upon us as mischief and the unexplained fill the air. It’s the time of year when misfits and wary souls dance in harmony amongst the autumn leaves and fiery jack-o-lanterns grin with sinister delight. It’s time… Continue Reading


Terror Talent Share Their Go-to Halloween Film Fixes

It’s our favorite season of the year once again, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be scavenging high and low in search of something suitably scary to watch this Halloween. In the hopes of making life a little easier for… Continue Reading


Top 10 Retro Halloween Candies that Should Have Never Gone Away

Halloween is right around the corner, and horror fans everywhere are basking in the glorious season. This is our Christmas. This is our time. A time when fans of the horror genre can put aside our petty arguments over “Who… Continue Reading


5 of the Most Scarily Underrated Sequels in Horror History

Tuesday Knight Nightmare

#5: Tommy Lee Wallace‘s Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) “Enjoy the horror-thon, doctor… and don’t forget to watch the big giveaway afterwards.” – Conal Cochran Now, you fright fans just knew this was going to be on the list,… Continue Reading


31 Days of October Madness Strikes Back! – Part 3

Drag Me to Hell

We’re less than a week from Halloween as October Madness continue to strike back with a vengeance. One thing that never changes during October are those stressful days at work or school and daily responsibilities that drags our free time… Continue Reading