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The term “Scream Queen” might immediately bring to mind Jamie Lee Curtis, the star of Halloween, Terror Train and Prom Night, but a new Scream Queen is emerging to take the lead, and we can, once again, thank the Halloween series for bringing her to our attention.

Star of Halloween 4 and Halloween 5, Danielle Harris has exploded onto the horror scene, releasing several films a year for our viewing pleasure. In honor of her new release, The Victim; the upcoming The Ghost of Goodnight Lane; and her directorial debut, Among Friends, Dread Central is honoring our Scream Queen with a list of six of her best horror roles.

danhslids - Top 6 Danielle Harris Horror Roles

1. Annie Brackett in Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween 2

Though they weren’t horribly popular with Halloween fans, one cannot deny that Rob Zombie has a way of bringing realism to his films. Danielle Harris brought such power to her role as Annie Brackett that we actually believed her pain after Michael viciously stabbed her multiple times. And let’s be honest; who didn’t feel that boulder in their stomach in Halloween 2 during the bathroom scene? While John Carpenter’s Annie was meant for comic relief, we all grew to love Rob Zombie’s Annie not only for her sense of humor but her adorable personality and were saddened when she met her violent but inevitable end.

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2. Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 and Halloween 5

At the young age of 11, Danielle began her horror career running away from the silent masked stalker Michael Myers. She gained our sympathy votes not only because she was a child but because she was just so darn cute! Cursed to be the niece of Michael, poor Jamie felt the hand of loss when she had to watch her family members die one by one, eventually going mute as a result. With the help of Dr. Loomis and with her own clever tricks, Jamie manages to defeat Michael not once, but twice. Poor Michael has the worst luck with the women in his family.

3. Marybeth in Hatchet II

Assigning Danielle to the role of Marybeth in Hatchet II was the smartest move Adam Green could have made. That’s not to say that Tamara Feldman was bad in the role in the original, but let’s face it: Harris makes the movie. Having rounded up a group of giant redneck men with guns to help her kill Victor Crowley in the swamp of Louisiana, Marybeth stands as the sole survivor of the whole thing, yet again. In the end all it took to defeat Crowley was Marybeth herself and Crowley’s own hatchet.

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4. Tosh in Urban Legend

After years of absence from the horror genre, Danielle returned in 1998 to the role of the Goth college roommate Tosh in Jamie Blank’s Urban Legend. A big change from her role as Jamie in Halloween, Tosh is the rude, heavy metal listening, black wearing, guy on the internet meeting, promiscuous roommate of our heroine, Natalie. Having walked in on Tosh having sex once before, Natalie knew better than to turn on the light upon entering her room. Little did she know turning on the light would have saved Tosh’s life. Instead, she became an urban legend.

5. Alissa in Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet

Alissa is invited to a party to celebrate the anniversary of the death of Mary Hatchet, a local serial killer. She establishes herself as this fun, sweet friend of one of the kids, but she never seems to be in the room when the teenagers start to die one by one. Coincidence? Not really. Alissa is actually the daughter of Mary Hatchet and seems to have inherited her mental problems. Danielle makes one adorable little killer and her story about her mouse tattoo makes the movie.

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6. Maria in Cyrus

Danielle plays Maria, a news reporter trying to get the story of a serial killer in a small town. She is contacted by a local man who knows not only the killer’s name but his story. Maria is so determined to further her career with this story that she doesn’t even notice how the whole thing is obviously a trap. Putting aside that her character is a bit dense, no one plays a lovable bitch quite like Danielle.

The Victim is on DVD and Blu-ray NOW! Keep your eyes and ears open for more information on the release dates of The Ghost of Goodnight Lane and Among Friends.

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