Dread Central’s Top 10 Most Kick-Ass Supernatural Moments

If you’ve ever brushed off “Supernatural” as just another teenybopper WB show with a couple of pretty boys, you’re seriously missing out on one of the most sharply written, balls-to-the-wall genre shows around. In fact, it’s long surpassed the quality of its forefathers – former TV greats like “The X-Files” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” – for several reasons: While those shows lost momentum over time, “Supernatural” has gotten consistently better with every season.

Sure, teenage girls love it for the eye candy (better this than Twilight!), but the show’s heart is aimed right at horror purists with its complex apocalyptic mythology, geek in-jokes and twisted black humor. And we’d be remiss to not mention the soundtrack, which assembles the greatest collection of classic rock and metal the world has ever known!

While Season Five closed the book perfectly, we at Dread Central can’t help but miss the Winchester boys. So as we wait for the inevitable AC/DC-fueled season opener, we present you with the Top 10 Most Kick-Ass “Supernatural” Moments.

WARNING: There be spoilers ahead.

Dread Central's Top 10 Most Kick-Ass Supernatural Moments

10. Suicidal Teddy Bear
Series writer Ben Edlund (creator of “The Tick”) has long been “Supernatural”’s secret weapon, cooking up some of the most bizarre content you’ll ever see on television. But he goes hog-wild in this episode when Ted Raimi unleashes an evil wishing well onto unsuspecting townsfolk, spawning – among many things – a manic-depressive alcoholic teddy bear.

9. Shapeshifter Dean
Remember the 80’s when creature feature transformations kicked serious latex ass before CGI crashed the party and ruined all the fun? Well, when “Supernatural” introduced shapeshifters early on in Season One, it went largely old-school with a nice gory tip of the hat to An American Werewolf in London (minus the werewolf) as a Dean imposter tears its skin off to the rock stylings of Filter. Nice shot, man!

8. Enter the Ghostfacers
Ghost hunting shows remain a great source of TV comedy gold, mainly cause most of those “paranormal experts” are too damn douchey to realize it. And you won’t find a more dead-on skewering than the entire Ghostfacers episode, which mocks every ridiculous moment you’ll see in your average “Ghost Hunters”/”Paranormal State”/(Insert-Bullshit-Ghost-Title-Here) show. Check out their web-series, too!

7. The Mystery Spot (aka Dean is Fucked!)
Over the course of the show the Winchester boys have died so many times that even they don’t seem to care anymore. But the body count record holder still belongs to the “Mystery Spot” episode, where Dean is repeatedly splattered in a mean-spirited “Groundhog Day of Death”. While the writers eventually turn it into something deeper than a knock-off episode, it’s the moments of hilarious carnage that make this one stand out.

6. Bobby Sells His Soul
Just when you thought this show couldn’t get any cooler, out pops Romo Lampkin from “Battlestar Galactica” (the slick-as-hell Mark Sheppard) playing wise-ass demon Crowley. Just as in “BSG”, the man steals every scene he’s in, and who can forget the moment he cuts this wicked Faustian deal with demon hunter Bobby? Proof that even the minions of Hell know how to abuse their iPhones.

5. The Entire Rabbit’s Foot Episode
The premise is classic: The boys find a cursed rabbit’s foot that gives its owner supernatural good luck…but when they loose it, every horrible thing imaginable happens to them. Because of this, it’s impossible to pick a single moment from “Bad Day at Black Rock”. Every scene in this episode has a classic moment, from the strange Jesus-freak bounty hunter to Sam’s repeated Jerry Lewis moments.

4. Pizza with Death
Not since Max von Sydow took on the world’s longest chess match has a conversation been this intense. Season Five built up this confrontation like some epic fight to the finish between the Winchesters boys and the Grim Reaper … which would’ve been ridiculous. Instead, Death (played to perfection by genre vet Julian Richings) strolls in like some godlike Neil Gaiman character and leaves tough-guy Dean speechless for the first time in the show’s history.

3. “We Are So Screwed.”
Without a doubt, one of the best endings to a single hour of television ever: Their cover blown, Sam and Dean narrowly escape the inescapable during an FBI bank raid by masquerading as SWAT members. As they haul ass to Styx’s “Renegade”, the two realize that there’s absolutely no victory and morosely ride off like a couple of dead men. This is “Supernatural” at its stylish best.

2. Sam Remembers
If you could encapsulate all of “Supernatural” in a single moment, this is it: After a season filled to the brim with apocalyptic insanity, Eric Kripke scaled things back for the big Biblical fight between Lucifer and Michael to focus on the real heart of the show: Sam and Dean. And just when things couldn’t get any more intense, we end with the universe’s two greatest titans thrown into the fiery underworld, screwing over Heaven and Hell’s plans and re-writing the entire Book of Revelations. That’s pretty boss.

1. Eye of the Tiger!
This may be a total cheat, but when you’re dealing with the 80’s awesomeness of Survivor, does it really matter? Nowhere in the history of the moving picture has an outtake been this epic, and the moment cameras rolled, Jensen Ackles officially became the coolest man on the planet. Forget Rocky III, this is the real thrill of the fight. Watch and feel the power of the Ackles!

For more visit “Supernatural” on The CW. Carry on my wayward son…

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