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Top 10: Outbreak Movies

With The Crazies remake bursting down our door, I thought it would be a good opportunity for Dread Central to look back at some of the most memorable virus/outbreak movies of the genre’s past. It’s a slippery slope when determining what constitutes a viral plague versus a standard zombie apocalypse, but I boiled my criteria down to one basic rule: The carnage must be driven by an infection, and re-animated corpses crawling out of the dirt need not apply.

Here goes nothing. And make sure to join me in the discussion below. Part of the reason I enjoy making these lists so much is to hear what other like-minded horror fans think. What did I miss? What shouldn’t have been included (I can hear some of those now)?

10. The Stand (1994)
Sure, it’s a strange world where a Mick Garris film snags a spot on any top ten list, but this adaptation of one of Stephen King’s finest novels does offer some of the subgenre’s most effective and memorable setpieces. From the opening outbreak cued to Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” to Larry Underwood’s suspenseful escape through the Lincoln Tunnel, this mid-90s miniseries may have fallen apart after the third hour, but this epic look at the end of the world remains an apocalypse worth enduring.

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