Thomas Kretschmann

Thomas Kretschmann to Put the Bite on For Dario Argento in Dracula 3D

With the maestro Dario Argento really in need of a home run, all eyes are on his latest project Dracula 3D. With a lot of the cast already in place, we've all been waiting patiently to find out who'll be playing Big D himself. The time has come. We think. Read on.

Jeff Galfer Sails on Down The River

And the cast for ABC's "The River" continues to grow. We take this as a good sign as the more characters there are, the higher the probability is that they will end up dead, dispatched in some hopefully heinous supernatural way!

Thomas Kretschmann Sent up The River

Another actor is ready to toss his raft into ABC's "The River," and we have got the info for you right here! Set sail for the scoop by reading on.

Robert Kurtman's Creature Corps Bringing the Blood to Hostel Part III

If there's one thing the Hostel films are known for, it is their gore. Yep, the red stuff has a glorious way of being splashed around with reckless abandon, and hopefully the third one will be no different. Today we learned via their website that Robert Kurtman's Creature Corps will be bringing the grue to the film.

Four More Cast Members Join Vegas-Bound Hostel Part III

And the cast of Hostel Part III has more than doubled with the recent announcement of four more names that are joining the Vegas-based production. Will they be victims or perpetrators of the mayhem? Only time will tell!

Grimm Love (2010)

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Stendhal Syndrome, The (UK DVD)

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