The Weinstein Co.

The Weinsteins Looking to Bring Their Horrors Back - New Halloween Sequel, Hellraiser Remake and More!

Say what you will about The Weinstein Company, the bottom line is that they have their hands firmly gripped upon some of horror's top franchises, and they've always done their best to be kind to the genre. True, some efforts have been better than others, but you have to take the bad with the good, man!

Patrick Lussier Hints at What Might Have Been for Halloween 3D

Last month we heard from Tom Atkins about his possible role in Halloween 3D had Dimension Films proceeded with the script written by Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer, and now Lussier himself has chimed in with a few more details on the project.

Todd Farmer Blogs the Bitter Truth Behind Halloween 3D Stalls

Back in September everybody got pretty excited when they learned The Weinstein Co.'s Halloween 3D was being placed in the very able hands of the team who scored major points with their My Bloody Valentine 3D reboot: director Patrick Lussier and screenwriter Todd Farmer. Then things got quiet ... very quiet. We now know why.

Another Spin on the Piranha 3D Delay

Word came down earlier this week that the struggling Weinsteins had decided to push back the release of Alexandre Aja's 3D remake of Piranha from April to at least August, primarily in order not to complete with Lionsgate's Kick-Ass since both would likely appeal to the same audience. But it turns out there's more to the story after all.

Weinsteins Push Piranha 3D Back At Least Four Months

Just one day after being treated to some truly splatterific photos from Piranha 3D, fans looking forward to the remake got the rug pulled out from under them as The Weinstein Co. announced it's moving the film's release date from April 16 to sometime in August ... at the earliest.

Rob Zombie's Halloween II Early Sales Art

Finally the artwork and ads for Rob Zombie's much maligned sequel Halloween II have appeared online, and we've got them for you free of ill-placed profanity and shaky-cam! HELL YEAH!

Halloween II DVD and Blu-ray Update

Another bad sign for the Weinsteins. Usually distribution of all of Dimension Films' theatrical properties are handled by Genius Products, the Weinsteins' home video label. Yet, today the news came that Sony will be handling the DVD and Blu-ray release of Rob Zombie's Halloween II. Very interesting, no?

AFM: Scream 4 Early Sales Art

Straight and to the point. That's how you could describe the early sales art for Kevin Williamson's first entry into his new Scream trilogy, Scream 4. Sure it's nothing groundbreaking but it gets the job done!

AFM Synopses: Hellraiser and Scream 4

AFM is yielding lots of genre fare this year, including posters and of course synopses that hold an early look at what we can expect from two pretty prominent genre films - the Hellraiser remake and Scream 4.

Hellraiser Remake Coming at You in 3D

Despite the company ailing a bit, The Weinstein Co. is still busy readying projects for release next year. Among them are lots of hot horror properties including Scream 4 and remakes of Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Scanners, and An American Werewolf in London. Yes, we've reported on all these before so why bring them up again?

Trailer from The Tournament; Director Scott Mann Talks

Dread Central hit the Weinstein Co. last week for a screening of British director Scott Mann’s The Tournament, which has been programmed as L.A. Screamfest’s ‘Opening Night Film’ this Friday, 10/16 in Hollywood, CA. A bloody smash-up of Battle Royale and Kill Bill, among others (see a trailer for The Tournament below), the hybrid flick is scheduled to be released to DVD via Dimension on 10/20.

Neve Campbell Back for Scream 4 and More Horror From Dimension

How do you apply a bandage to an ailing company? Simple, you go back to what made it strong in the first place, your franchise titles. At least that's the Weinsteins' latest formula for success. Starting with Scream 4 and the now returning to the series Neve Campbell.

Weinsteins Pushing for Another Childen of the Corn

What is it about The Children of the Corn that has studios so hot to release sequels, remakes, and more sequels and remakes. The Weinstein Co. is out to bring us another shot of corniness, and they've even tapped a writer already.

Dimension Dying a Slow Death? Chaos at the Studio!

It looks like a very unhappy Halloween for Bob and Harvey Weinstein and everyone over at Dimension. It seems the studio is bleeding out and not in the fun way that we're used to seeing up on the big screen.

Steve Miner for Halloween 3D?

We usually don't report on rumors because they often have a nasty habit of ending up being debunked, but it's hard not to see the logic in this tasty tidbit that has come across our desks.