The Talisman

Edwin Pagan and Drew Daywalt Offer Another Look at Their Talisman

The last time we spoke about the horror short The Talisman was way back in 2011. However, today we have an update that features lots of new goodies including a clip. Check 'em out!

First Images from Short Film The Talisman

Not to be confused with the epic sized read of the same name from Stephen King and Peter Straub, what we have here are the first stills from the new Latin horror short film The Talisman!

Early Look at Talisman Comic Characters

We're a little late with this update on the graphic novel version of Stephen King/Peter Straub's The Talisman, but in case you missed it also, within the last month King's official site provided a first look at three major characters from the story.

Talisman Comic Scribe & Artist Named

As usual, the folks over at Lilja's Library have provided the latest info on all things Stephen King related. Today they announced the adaptor and artist for the comic book and graphic novel versions of The Talisman, which was co-written by King and Peter Straub.

6 Minutes of King's Talisman!

Why wait around for studios to get their collective acts together and adapt one of your favorite author's stories? Canadian filmmaker Mathieu Ratthe sure didn't.