Texas Battle

Task, The (UK DVD)

Starring Texas Battle, Alexandra Staden, Adam Raynor Directed by Alex Orwell Distributed by G2 Pictures

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers: Be a Contestant! Win The Task on Blu-ray!

Flaming on the heels of our recent news regarding the impending July 11th UK DVD/Blu-ray release of After Dark Originals’ The Task, to mark the occasion, we find ourselves with three copies of the Blu-ray edition to give away.

American World Pictures Adds Three New Genre Features to its Cannes Slate

American World Pictures, an LA-based independent motion picture distribution and production company, is gearing up for the 2011 Cannes Film Festival with updated info on three of its genre acquisitions in this year's line-up: Jack the Reaper, Boggy Creek, and Spirit Hunters promise to be big sellers for the company at the fest.

Exclusive Trailer Debut - After Dark Originals: The Task

The good and incredibly sexy folks over at After Dark have provided us with a trailer to debut to you, our favorite sickos! Time to find out if you're up to the horrors of The Task!

First Still and More Info on After Dark Originals' The Task

As you've no doubt noticed, After Dark Films is releasing more and more info on its After Dark Originals, and today we get an in-depth look at The Task including the film's first still and details on the cast and crew.

Swampy Updates on Boggy Creek and Muckman

We've been following the progress of two new swamp monster movies in the works, and today we can bring you new news on both. More plot details have emerged on the Boggy Creek non-remake. The first image giving us a good look at swamp thing on the prowl in Brett Piper's Muckman is now available for gawking at. Put on your galoshes; things are about to get swampy.

Hydra Trailer Slithers Your Way

I often wonder if someone at the Sci-Fi Channel keeps a checklist of every mythological, supernatural, and cryptozoological monster to decide what monsters the network has yet to air an original movie about and which ones they still need to check off the list. If so, whoever that is can now add a checkmark next to the Hydra, the multi-headed snake of Greek mythology.