Sid Haig Married a Couple at This Year’s Mad Monster Party Dressed as Captain Spaulding

For many of us fans, horror isn’t just something we prefer watching, it’s a large part of our lifestyle. It’s something we live and breathe on a daily basis, something that shapes who we are. Whether it be with random… Continue Reading

Top 5 Bad Girls of Horror

Bride of Frankenstein

The female horror villain is a rare and memorable counterpart to the classic conventions of the sexy victim and the final girl. These chilling chicks are some of the most memorable villainesses to haunt horror fans’ dreams. Share your own… Continue Reading

Rob Zombie Shelves Hockey Movie in Favor of Horror Movie

Source Name: 3 News Source Url: Post Thumb: /may12/rz.jpg We were recently bummed to discover that Rob Zombie would be following up Lords of Salem with a hockey movie called Broad Street Bullies rather than another horror flick. Fortunately,… Continue Reading

Rob Zombie Moving on From the Horror Genre

Source Name: Phoenix New Times Source Url: Post Thumb: /may12/rz.jpg Some interesting news is coming in from Rob Zombie that’s likely going to have some fans protesting and others falling to their knees and thanking the heavens above. Sounds… Continue Reading