It’s ALIVE! Larry Fessenden’s Frankenstein Cannot Be Stopped!

Source Name: Popdose Source Url: Post Thumb: /stock/frankenstein.jpg Here’s a treat for you guys who love both Frankenstein’s monster and ghoulishly groovy tunes! Behold Life in a Blender’s new music video “Frankenstein Cannot Be Stopped,” created and directed by… Continue Reading

Tales from Beyond the Pale Season 2 Live! Box Set with DVD Now Available

Post Thumb: /sep11/palethumb.jpg If you’ve been reading this site for very long, you’re aware of our love for good audio horror, and few do it better than Glass Eye Pix’s Tales from Beyond the Pale. Season 2 is now available… Continue Reading

A New DVD and Blu-ray Package Rises Up From Beneath

Source Name: The Scream! Factory on Facebook Source Url: Post Thumb: /nov12/beneaths.jpg The new film from Larry Fessenden, entitled Beneath, is on its way to both Blu-ray and DVD via The Scream Factory, and right now we have the… Continue Reading

MonsterPants’ Chapter Four Available Now; Chapter Seven Is Next on the Horizon

Post Thumb: /jun13/monsterpantss.jpg We first heard about “Chapter Four,” the first installment of a ten-part dark science fiction thriller web series from James Felix McKenney, last June; and now that it’s available for download, we have a look at the… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Glenn McQuaid and Larry Fessenden Talk Tales From Beyond the Pale and More!

Post Thumb: /sep11/palethumb.jpg As of this past Friday the 13th, Season 2 of “Tales from Beyond the Pale,” the inventive radio drama horror series from Glass Eye Pix founder Larry Fessenden and director Glenn McQuaid, is now available for purchase… Continue Reading

Auditory Horrors Return with Tales from Beyond the Pale: Season 2 on Friday, September 13th!

Source Name: Tales from Beyond the Pale Source Url: Post Thumb: /sep11/palethumb.jpg It was back in 2011 that Glass Eye Pix launched Tales from Beyond the Pale, marking the return of old school style radio horror by partnering up… Continue Reading