FilmOut San Diego Hosts Gay Horror Double Bill of Hellbent and Elm Street 2; This and More on New Cinema Junkie Podcast

Our good friend Beth Accomando has a new episode of her Cinema Junkie podcast available to whisper in your ear which tackles Gay Horror and The Final Boys along with info regarding FilmOut San Diego’s upcoming double feature of Hellbent… Continue Reading

Horrible Imaginings Podcast #166: Long Live the King, The Legacy of King Kong

Happy New Year, everyone! I have a thrilling episode for you tonight! You won’t believe it but seeing…er…HEARING is believing! He was a KING in his world, but here he is just a captive–KONG, the 8th wonder of the world! Yes,… Continue Reading

Horrible Imaginings Podcast #155: Censoring Hollywood: How the Motion Picture Production Code Changed Filmmaking

Wow, another podcast episode more focused on classic film than horror! Horror can be peripherally involved, though, as the main thrust of our conversation is censorship and The Production Code that became the means for censorship in Hollywood for over… Continue Reading