Horrible Imaginings Podcast #166: Long Live the King, The Legacy of King Kong


Happy New Year, everyone! I have a thrilling episode for you tonight! You won’t believe it but seeing…er…HEARING is believing!

He was a KING in his world, but here he is just a captive–KONG, the 8th wonder of the world!

Yes, this episode is all about one of cinema’s most innovative and grandest achievements. None other than King Kong himself! And who better to join us in the Kong part than artist, producer, actor, and director Frank Dietz, who is the co-director of a brand new documentary all about everyone’s favorite giant ape called Long Live the King!

Also joining us in this episode is Cinema Junkie Podcast‘s Beth Accomando, who is also my programming partner in San Diego for an organization called The Film Geeks, where we highlight, program, and introduce unique, transgressive, or bizarre films that otherwise would not get a proper screening in our unfair city. We are doing TWO different full-year series in 2017, one of which is at The Museum of Photographic Arts and will start on Friday the 13th of this month–a double feature of Frank’s documentary and the original 1933 classic King Kong! I can’t wait! Get your tickets here!

In this episode, we discuss the factors that make the original King Kong such an important piece of cinematic history, take a look at the many imitations and remakes that have followed in its wake, and discuss some of the key elements of the documentary Long Live the King and what it adds to the conversation. Enjoy this episode–it’s one of my faves!

Follow Beth on Twitter @cinebeth and Frank @theFrankDietz! Also, you should definitely check out the podcast Damn Dirty Geeks!

Artwork by Frank Dietz himself!

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