Stuart Beattie

I, Frankenstein (2014)

Starring Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto, Yvonne Strahovski, Jai Courtney

I, Frankensetin to Be Released in 3D?

Now here's something interesting... THR is reporting that Lionsgate is post-converting Stuart Beattieā€™s I, Frankenstein for a 3D release on September 13th. You know, because this movie is just screaming for the post-conversion treatment.

Lionsgate Pushes I, Frankenstein Release Date Back

Just when we thought things were finally rock solid for Lionsgate Entertainment's I, Frankenstein, the release date has been bumped again. What could possibly be the reason for this? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THE REASON IS!

Another Glimpse at Aaron Eckhart in I, Frankenstein

With I, Frankenstein filming now Down Under, images from the set have slowly been making their way online. Here's another one for the fire! Check it out!

I, Frankenstein - First Behind-the-Scenes Look at Aaron Eckhart

You just never know we someone with a camera will be laying in wait, but thankfully they're out there and when they score it can be pretty cool. Of course they can be absolute vultures too but that's an entirely different story.

I, Frankenstein - First Images from the Set

We've been talking about I, Frankenstein for what feels like forever around these parts, but finally we have some imagery from the set. Check it out.

Chuck Actress Yvonne Strahovski Talks I, Frankenstein

We have some quickie news coming in for I, Frankenstein. Sitcom favorite Yvonne Strahovski ("Chuck", Killer Elite) recently offered hungry fans a little insight as to whom she'll be playing in the flick and whether or not she'll continue to keep you in stitches.

Make-Up Effects Group to Bring I, Frankenstein to Life

Although there isn't a ton of information available yet dealing with the upcoming horror film I, Frankenstein, we do have something that we can verify as true... Make-Up Effects Group, the incredibly diverse Australian team behind the Matrix films and the highly anticipated upcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, will be handling the special make-up effects for I, Frankenstein.

I, Frankenstein Borrows Actress From Chuck

More casting news coming in for I, Frankenstein. A familiar face from a hit sitcom has joined the stitched-up fold, and we've got all the details you need to know right here.

Two More Potential Cast Members in Talks to Join I, Frankenstein

Two more names are being bandied about as potential cast members of I, Frankenstein, one of the many Frankenstein projects in various stages of production, and we have to admit that with these additions this film is shaping up quite nicely. Both Underworld veteran Bill Nighy and Australian actor Socratis Otto are in line for major roles in the Lakeshore Entertainment and Hopscotch Features project.

Aaron Eckhart to Star in Stuart Beattie's I, Frankenstein

Finally some casting news is coming in for one of the many Frankenstein projects on the burners at multiple studios. Aaron Eckhart (Battle Los Angeles, The Dark Knight) has signed on to portray Adam Frankenstein in the Lakeshore Entertainment, Hopscotch Features, and Lionsgate production of I, Frankenstein.

I, Frankenstein Still Alive and Twitching

It's been a long while since we've heard anything pertaining to the badass looking project I, Frankenstein. As with many movies, there's been a bit of a change in regard to exactly who will be bringing it to the big screen.