Trailer for UK Werewolf Film Splintered

Very small poster for SplinteredI do love finding out about potentially cool new movies, especially when they’re about werewolves, after the film is all done and ready to be seen by the masses! Nothing like taking out the pain of anticipation to make a movie that much more appealing.

Such is the case with Splintered, a new movie from UK director Simeon Halligan that stars Jonathan Readwin, the latest addition to the cast of Dread, the Clive Barker adaptation currently rolling in the UK. Splintered concerns a girl who is kept prisoner in an abandoned building, her captor insisting that her incarceration is to save her from the man-eating beast roaming the Welsh countryside.

You can see the trailer below and check out the official Splintered site for more info. Seeing as how werewolves are never specifically mentioned in the film’s synopsis, this had better not be a film about someone who just thinks they’re a lycanthrope (and I don't care that lycanthropy by definition is one's belief of being wolf...) or I’ll be pissed. We’ll bring you more on Splintered as we find it!

- Johnny Butane

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There is a new website for SPLINTERED at www.splinteredthemovie.com. It has new trailers and stills from the film. Check it out! Not a werewolf in sight!

Submitted by RACHEL X on Wed, 11/12/2008 - 5:03pm.

Could be the Martin of werewolf films...

Submitted by turnpiketramp on Wed, 10/22/2008 - 9:54am.
The Phantom Stranger's picture

I take it there's gonna be a werewolf somewhere in this film? Cos it ain't in the damn trailer.

Submitted by The Phantom Stranger on Wed, 10/22/2008 - 4:48am.

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