Stephen Norrington

More Crow Reboot Talk to Ruffle Your Feathers

Round and round we go. In more non-news concerning the upcoming re-envisioning of The Crow, there are a few new lyrics being added to the same old song.

Stephen Norrington Flies the Coop of The Crow Redux

Can you smell that? Yep, trouble is in the air, and we knew it wouldn't be long before the source of said smell would rear its ugly head. Just a day after the announcement that Mark Wahlberg was offered the lead role in The Crow remake, attached director Stephen Norrington has left the project.

Mark Wahlberg Offered The Crow?

File this one under, "You're kidding, right?" for now, kids! A new rumor surrounding musician Nick Cave's re-imagining of the James O'Barr's classic tale of vengeance from beyond the grave has just hit online and it truly is a scary one!

Musician Nick Cave Rewriting The Crow Redux? Stranger Things Have Happened!

When last we talked about Stephen (Blade) Norrington's redux of The Crow, all seemed well. The film had its location, two in fact, New Mexico and Detroit, and everyone was gaga over Norrington's script. Now? Not so much.

The Crow Remake Finds a Place to Perch

Some location news for Stephen Norrington's upcoming re-imagining of The Crow has come in, and things continue to be shaping up nicely. So where is this latest vengeful spirit going to be plying his violence-filled craft?

More on The Crow Redux

We have been hearing about Stephen Norrington's upcoming re-imagining of The Crow for some time now, and last we heard things were shaping up nicely. Still, the silence since our least report has been deafening. Finally a bit more has come to light.

Stephen Norrington to Helm The Lost Patrol - WWII Plus Monsters!

As if he doesn't have his hands full enough with The Crow remake, Stephen Norrington has been tapped by Legendary Pictures to write and direct The Lost Patrol, "a supernatural action thriller set against the backdrop of World War II."

Some Chatter on The Crow Remake

A bit more on Stephen Norrington's proposed remake of The Crow has made its way online today, and we've got the goods for you to sample (and probably complain about).

The Crow Reboot Earns its Wings

One remake/reboot we both are and aren't looking forward to is Stephen Norrington's upcoming re-envisioning of The Crow. We're glad it's not going the total remake route and is instead focusing on a whole new Crow, but at the same time many fans feel that it couldn't possibly get better than the Brandon Lee version, so what's the point? One thing's for certain: It couldn't possibly get any worse than the three god-awful sequels.

More On The Crow Remake

A few more details came in today regarding Stephen Norrington's remake of The Crow, and honestly? It may not be as bad as we thought! A source close to the development of the redux (take that for what it's worth) caught up with Mania and dropped the following on them:

Stephen Dorff Returns as Deacon Frost in Blade Spin-Off

While I really did enjoy Stephen Dorff’s villainous performance in Stephen Norrington’s Blade, I never found myself wishing we’d gotten to know more about him. That might be changing soon, however, as the powers that be are thinking about resurrecting the Deacon Frost character for his own prequel trilogy!

Proyas Weighs in on Crow Remake

When it was announced a few months ago that Stephen Norrington was going to remake the 1994 film The Crow, fans were pretty vocal concerning their disdain for the project. It's good to know that original Crow director Alex Proyas feels the same way.

Norrington to Reboot Crow Franchise

After taking a self-imposed sabbatical following the “demoralizing” experience of making League of Extraordinary Gentleman, which I felt demoralized just watching, Variety reports that Stephen Norrington is returning to filmmaking with a new film based on James O’Barr’s classic antihero, The Crow.

Clash of the Titans Redux Finds Helmer

No matter where you are right now, I’m sure you can hear the sound of the damned crying out in fear as their toasty, warm home for a millennia becomes colder and colder by the second; yes, dear readers, hell has frozen over. Why?