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Evil Dead Green Band Trailer Arrives to Swallow Your Soul

The good folks behind the upcoming remake of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead have just released a green band trailer that's sporting new footage and won't offend any parental groups looking for something to complain about. Who are we kidding? They'll complain anyway. In any event...

The Call Set Visit Report - Part Three: WWE Superstar David Otunga on Researching His Role, Playing a Good Guy, and More

We're back with the third and final installment in our set visit report series for The Call, which we visited last August. Up next is cast member and WWE Superstar David Otunga.

The Call Set Visit Report - Part Two: Star Michael Eklund Talks Playing Evil and Lots More

As promised yesterday, we're back with Part Two of our report from our Westlake, CA, set visit for The Call. Up next is film star Michael Eklund, who dished on the suspense thriller, his approach to playing the film’s antagonist, and more. Read on!

Go Behind the Scenes of Evil Dead

Time for a little behind-the-scenes goodness straight from the set of the highly anticipated remake of the Sam Raimi classic Evil Dead. That's right - we have two new images on tap for you cats. Dig 'em!

The Call Set Visit Report - Part One: Writer Richard D'Ovidio on His Inspiration, Research, and More!

In August of 2012 we hit the set of the then-shooting Sony TriStar flick The Hive, now titled The Call, in Westlake, CA, to chat with the film’s writer, Richard D’Ovidio. Read on for the skinny on the suspense flick, which releases theatrically March 15.

Dial Up the First Trailer and Some Teaser Artwork for The Call

Finally a trailer and a bit of teaser artwork have arrived for the upcoming Halle Berry vehicle The Call (formerly The Hive), and you can check out this first good look at Brad Anderson's new flick right here.

Evil Dead Set Visit Report Part Three: Meet the Tortured Souls of the New Evil Dead!

One thing clearly evident from our visit to the set of the new Evil Dead in Auckland is that filmmaker Fede Alvarez made his up-and-coming cast suffer for the sake of pushing the remake into some dark and unexpectedly twisted places.

Fan Made Poster Puts the Evil Dead in Motion

The horror fan base is as passionate as they come. We're always willing to go that extra mile, and that's just what one Mr. Pablo G. Martinez has done for the upcoming remake of the Evil Dead! Dig it!

First Look at Halle Berry in The Call

The good folks over at Sony TriStar have supplied us with the first still from their upcoming Halle Berry vehicle The Call (formerly The Hive), and you can check out this first sliver of eye candy from Brad Anderson's new flick right here.

Evil Dead Set Visit Report Part Two: Filmmaker Fede Alvarez, Producer Rob Tapert and More on Everything Fans Want to Know About the Remake

For the second part of our Evil Dead set visit in Auckland, New Zealand, we had a busy but incredible day in store for us where we spent most of our time on a particular soundstage.

Evil Dead Set Visit Report Part One: Production Design, Special Effects, Incorporating Iconic Moments and the Book of the Dead

Growing up the trailer park kid of a single mother in the suburbs of Chicago, I never imagined that I'd have the kinds of opportunities that my career in horror journalism has afforded me over the last five years.

New Evil Dead is CGI Free

There are certain news items that break but end up taking us a while to report because we're too busy high-fiving and dancing around like happy idiots. Now that I'm finally done indulging in a vigorous session of doing The Butt with great fury, I can bring you the following...

New Evil Dead Still Will Have You Cowering

Hot on the heels of the new red band trailer comes the third official still for the upcoming redux of the Sam Raimi classic Evil Dead, which is quickly rising to the top of our must see lists. Dig it!

Watch the Evil Dead Red Band Trailer Right Here... RIGHT NOW!

You wanted it? You got it! Get ready to spread the red in a big way as the official NOT SAFE FOR WORK red band trailer for Evil Dead has arrived to put some belated splatter in your holiday haul. Dig it!

New Red Band Evil Dead Trailer Comes Tonight!

We just received an e-mail from the good folks behind the Evil Dead remake, alerting us to the fact that fans everywhere will be able to watch the new trailer for the film tonight. Read on for all the details.