Uncork’d Entertainment Takes The Exit to Hell With Kane Hodder

Having just seen Exit to Hell, we can tell you that the flick is a loving homage to the Grindhouse lunacy of yesteryear. Even better? It just scored itself distro! Read on for details and more!

Kane Hodder to Wield a Sharp Sickle

Kane Hodder and the forever hot Tiffany Shepis are together again in yet another tale of murder, mayhem, and indie goodness as director Robert Conway is set to paint the screen red with his new film Sickle.

Kane Hodder Goes Maniac Cop in Sickle

You would expect that with a title like Sickle, the film would be about a sickle-wielding killer. "Sickle" is actually the name of the psycho violent policeman Kane Hodder plays, and that name spells a lot of trouble for Tiffany Shepis.