Shannen Doherty

Killer Lampreys to Suck Shannen Doherty and Christopher Lloyd to Death this Memorial Day

It probably wouldn't surprise you to hear The Asylum has a new nature gone amok flick titled Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys starring Shannen Doherty and Christopher Lloyd premiering on TV this Memorial Day weekend.

Witchslayer Gretl (2012)

Starring Shannen Doherty, Paul McGillion, Emilie Ullerup, Sarain Boylan, Jefferson Brown Directed by Mario Azzopardi

A Teaser for Syfy's Gretl: Witch Hunter

Syfy's website and the teaser trailer that debuted today have different names for this film, but for now we'll stick with Gretl: Witch Hunter. Look for it on Saturday, February 25th, at 9/8c.

Syfy's Swamp Volcano Erupts This Weekend; Haunted Forest Double Feature Slated for February

Tired of seeing New York and Los Angeles get destroyed on film? Wish disaster movies could find a different metropolis to reduce to rubble? This weekend’s Swamp Volcano unleashes a lava storm on Miami. And then a month from now you can take a double-dip trip to the black forest of fairy tales in two back-to-back Syfy original premieres: Black Forest and Gretl: Witch Hunter.

Syfy Announces its Upcoming Saturday Original Movies Lineup

Earlier today Creepy revealed three new reality series that Syfy has planned, and now we have a look at nine films that will be heading our way as part of the network's Saturday Original Movies. Somewhere The Foywonder is sobbing uncontrollably but has no idea why.

New Scream 4 Image and Some Casting Rumor Control - Rachel McAdams and Shannen Doherty NOT in Movie

Ah, Scream 4. Much like Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 there seems to be a new story to speak about regarding you every day. While we don't know what tomorrow will bring we can deliver a new behind-the-scenes image and do some quick casting rumor control.

Shannen Doherty Talks Mari-Kari

Shannen Doherty was a huge part of this writer’s teenage years. Even though for most of America it was her work as Brenda Walsh on “90210” that made her a household name and an icon to legions of teenagers, for me it was always her performance as Heather Duke (or the Blue Heather for those who may not be as well-versed in the Heathers universe) in the 1988 cult flick Heathers that made her one of my favorite actresses working at that time.

Exclusive: Early Look at FEARnet's Animated Horror/Comedy Series, Mari-Kari

With the summer season fast approaching, most shows are lapsing into reruns until the fall, leaving audiences hungry for new and interesting content. And that's where the good people at FEARnet come into play, as they ready their new animated horror/comedy series, Mari-Kari. And we've got an early look today, just for you!

Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon (2009)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Shannen Doherty, Michael Shanks, Duncan Fraser, JR Bourne, Toby Brener, Byron Chief-Moon Directed by Farhad Mann