Scream 4

Friday Night Lights Alum Aimee Teegarden Cast in Scream 4! New Bloody Behind-the-Scenes Imagery!

Can you believe the cast for Wes Craven's upcoming sequel Scream 4 is still growing? Please Mr. Craven, take all these folks and give us a slasher film that's home to one of the biggest body counts ever! Wishful thinking, no?

Britt Robertson Next to be Stalked in Scream 4

Even though they're well into filming the cast list (or should we say the body count?) for Wes Craven's Scream 4 continues to grow! So who's the next would be victim of Ghostface's soon to be rampage?

Kristen Bell Talks Scream 4

Who knows what twists, turns, and mayhem await us in Scream 4! One thing's for sure; we'll be waiting with a keen eye and a vast interest. Actress Kristen Bell decided to tease us today regarding her role. In an interview with Parade.com Bell dropped the following on fans:

More Scream 4 Cameos - 90210's Shenae Grimes and Lucy Hale

Ah, Ghostface! It's so good to have you slashing about again! The names of two more potential victims have been added to the death list for the upcoming fourth entry into Wes Craven's franchise, and we've got the dirt for you!

Scream 4 an Epic Length Undertaking?

Given that it has taken so long for a fourth Scream film to come to life, we've been hoping that Wes Craven and company will really hit it out of the park with this latest entry. Fans are praying for an epic film, and right now it looks as if that's just what they'll get. At least length-wise.

Official: True Blood's Anna Paquin and Heroes' Kristen Bell Appear in Scream 4

If there's one thing Wes Craven's Scream franchise is known for, it's eye-candy cameos, and for his upcoming entry in the stab-happy series Scream 4, it looks like we're in for at least two of them!

Scream 4 Scene Descriptions and New Behind-the-Scenes Stills

The set for Scream 4 is locked down as tight as can be, but not so tight that some locals we're able to secure themselves an eyeful of some of Ghostface's new bouts of mayhem.

More Behind-the-Scenes Images and a Video from Scream 4

Blurry or not, you can't deny that the amount of behind-the-scenes photos emerging from the set of Scream 4 (or should we say Scre4m?) has been beyond bountiful. And today we have even more, including our first good look at David Arquette as Sheriff Dewey Riley and Mary McDonnell as Kate Kessler (mom to Emma Roberts' Jill).

UPDATED: Matthew Lillard in Scream 4? Nope!

Some really interesting developments coming out of Michigan from the set of Wes Craven's Scream 4. Could an old psychotic face be joining the murderous festivities once again? This could be a scream, baby!

New Scream 4 Image - Hayden Panettiere Gets 'The Call'

The words will live on as a part of horror history forever - "Do you like scary movies?" When Drew Barrymore first got the call in 1996's Scream, it was like the slasher sub-genre got a shot of adrenaline that hasn't worn off yet. With the latest sequel, Scream 4, now in production, it looks old Ghostface is back up to his old reach out and stalk someone type tricks.

R.J. Torbert Talks the GhostFace Mask and Scream 4

What an insane feeling it must be to have helped to create the look of one of the single most recognizable horror icons ever. For R.J. Torbert this feeling is an every day reality, and recently he spoke a bit about how the mask was chosen as well as the nagging rumor about their being more than just one look for GhostFace as he returns to the big screen with Wes Craven's upcoming slasherfest Scream 4.

Wes Craven Provides Our First Look at Ghostface!

Ah, Twitter. How you've leveled the playing field. Obviously not content to let camera-happy onlookers steal any of his thunder, Wes Craven himself has posted our first good look at Ghostface from the currently lensing Scream 4.

Casey Becker Returns (Sort of) In Scream 4

With all of the speculation around Scream 4's storyline, this interesting set photo fits right in.

Three New Images to Scream 4

Some more behind-the-scenes imagery coming out from the Ann Arbor set of Wes Craven's Scream 4 or Scre4m for you cool kids playing along! Get ready for another look at the cast and even a bit of Ghostface inspired tomfoolery!

Scream 4: Determine Wes Craven's Destiny

One of the things that made the Scream franchise so popular was its many tongue-in-cheek (or knife-in-neck) cameos. Wes Craven is looking to make one in the latest entry, Scream 4, and he's turning to you, the fans, to figure out how it's all gonna go down.