Scott Leberecht

Midnight Son (UK DVD)

Starring Zak Kilberg, Maya Parish, Jo D. Jonz, Arlen Escarpeta, Larry Cedar, Tracey Walter, Scott Leberecht Directed by Scott Leberecht

Midnight Son Finally Comes to Light in the UK

Tired of Twilight's sparkling poser asshats masquerading as vampires? Then you'll want to keep an eye out for director Scott Leberecht's sombre Midnight Son (review here), coming off of an acclaimed festival run and into UK theatres for a limited run on January 11th, followed by DVD on February 13th courtesy of Monster Pictures.

Inside Horror: Episode 2 - Pollyanna McIntosh and More!

Episode 2 of the badass web-based horror talk show Inside Horror is here and packing enough hot chicks to make a blind man see! That's right, kids! On tap this week - Pollyanna McIntosh and Kate Beckinsale! Need we say more?

Red Carpet Coverage: Dread Central at the Los Angeles Premiere of Midnight Son

Last night, January 11th, Dread Central headed out to the Laemmle 4-Plex in Santa Monica for the Los Angeles premiere of the indie vampire film Midnight Son, which is set to make its debut on FEARnet later this month.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Pair of Tickets to the January 11th Los Angeles Premiere of Midnight Son

It was back in February of last year when we first put up our review of Scott Leberecht's fresh take on vampires, Midnight Son, and now finally, if you live in or around Los Angeles, you can attend the film's premiere on Wednesday, January 11th, and see for yourself if all the praise it's received is warranted. We're pretty sure you'll agree!

Killer Vampire Film Midnight Son Hits FEARnet in January 2012

The unique vampire thriller Midnight Son will make its debut on FEARnet early in 2012. With both television and VOD capabilities, the FEARnet launch is an excellent opportunity for the filmmakers to get their picture out to the masses. Midnight Son is a totally original new look at the vampire genre. Read on for the deets.

Indie Horror Month - Exclusive: Scott Leberecht and Matt Compton Talk Midnight Son

Before writer/director Scott Leberecht embarked on the sometimes difficult journey making his latest film Midnight Son (review here), he was working as a visual effects artist for Industrial Light & Magic.

Indie Horror Month - Exclusive: Jo D. Jonz Talks the Dark World of Midnight Son

In writer/director Scott Leberecht’s Midnight Son, actor Jo D. Jonz portrays Marcus, a hospital worker who meets the film’s protagonist, Jacob (Zak Kilberg), one fateful night when the young man’s desperate hunger drove him to start scavenging in medical waste dumpsters in order to satiate his need for blood.

Indie Horror Month: Exclusive Interview with Maya Parish - Midnight Son

Sometimes in the world of independent filmmaking, working on your own terms means that people have to take on multiple roles to ensure the success of a project. Such is the case for Midnight Son .

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Zak Kilberg Talks Midnight Son and Alyce

This week those involved with making the indie horror film Midnight Son have reason to celebrate. Their hard work some three years in the making is finally paying off as the project is making its world premiere this Friday, March 4th, in San Jose at the prestigious Cinequest Film Festival.

Midnight Son Preview Blow-Out: New Stills! New Art! Screening Info! Q&A with Director Scott Leberecht!

With Midnight Son getting set for its festival premiere and run, we have a veritable grab-bag of goodies for you to get the blood pumping. Then spraying. The filmmakers released new key art and more to celebrate the upcoming festival screenings the film will have.

Midnight Son - Review and First Screening Info!

Well what do you know? A new vampire flick that delivers more than just pretty sparkling heartthrobs and fanged face freaks! Dread Central had the opportunity to get our claws into Scott Leberecht's latest film Midnight Son, and we happily dug in deep!

Exclusive Trailer Debut and First Info - Midnight Son

Here at Dread Central we're always on the lookout for the next cool fright film that shows the potential to send some much needed shivers down your spine. This latest vampyric flick which looks to be in the same vein as Habit and Romero's Martin, titled Midnight Son, may just do the trick!