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CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers: Win a Sinister Blu-ray and T-shirt; Join the Valentine's Day Twitter Party

On February 11th UK horror fans can invite Mr. Boogie into their homes as Momentum Pictures brings Sinister to DVD, Blu-ray and Download. To celebrate, we have a few goodies to give away along with details on a Sinister Valentine's Day Twitter event!

Top 11 Sinister Appearances by Hollywood Stars in Horror

With Ethan Hawke most recently delivering a laudable performance in the terrifying box office hit Sinister, due to hit UK DVD and Blu-ray on 11 February through Momentum Pictures, we decided to take a look back at some other Hollywood notables who made their mark on the genre with style. Aaaaand ACTION!

A Sinister Sequel on the Horizon?

The flick Sinister (review here) had the DC staff divided. Some liked it and some hated it, but either way it did great box office so a sequel could always be looming. In fact the first chatter has begun. Read on for the latest on the continuing adventures of Mr. Boogie.

Get Sinister in the Comfort of Your Own Home

When it comes to Sinister (review here) horror fans have either loved or hated it. Now's your chance to to make up your mind for yourself as the flick is getting ready to make its DVD and Blu-ray premiere.

Scott Derrickson to Co-Write and Direct Deus Ex: Human Revolution for CBS Films

It was back in July when we first got word that CBS Films had secured the screen rights to the iconic Deus Ex video game franchise from Square Enix, and now we know who will be writing and directing Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

French Moviegoers Make Wee-Wee During Paranormal Activity 4; Sinister Theatrical Release Pulled

We'll never understand how or why people react to things the way that they do. Take public bathrooms for instance. What is it about them that causes folks to forget everything they've been taught as a child about proper potty training? Now, let's take some French moviegoers as another example....

Eric Bana to Beware the Night

The world of the paranormal is a wild one. Possessions, exorcisms, werewolves... things like that are just running rampant on hapless victims who have no idea that they're about to be damned. Good thing for us humans that someone is on the case!

AFM 2012: Sales Art, Stills, and Official Synopsis of Devil's Knot

With the 2012 American Film Market now officially over, we have a few odds and ends of sales art and other information to share, and first up is an early look at true-crime tale Devil's Knot along with clarification of details regarding the film.

Blumhouse and Sinister Director Scott Derrickson to Practice Stephen King's Breathing Method

Another Stephen King tale is on its way to the big screen with a lot of horror cred backing it up! Read on for the first news on the upcoming adaptation of his novella The Breathing Method.

Spoiler-Filled Sinister Clip and a New TV Spot

Clips and trailers have a sickening tendency to show too much of a movie before its release. That being said, we IMPLORE YOU... Don't watch the following clip. Watch the new TV spot instead, and save your scares for seeing Sinister on the big screen this weekend.

New Sinister Motion Image Keeps an Eye on You

Sometimes it's hard to be aware of everything that's happening around you. In fact, you never know when evil has its eye on you. Case in point: this new motion image for this weekend's horror bombshell, Sinister. Dig it!

Exclusive: Ethan Hawke Talks Sinister, Remembers Explorers and More

Ever since his feature film debut in 1985, Joe Dante's Explorers, Ethan Hawke has continuously impressed audiences with memorable performances in countless films including Dead Poets Society, White Fang, Training Day, Lord of War and Brooklyn's Finest.

Three More Short Clips from Sinister

It's a good thing Sinister is coming out soon because with all the clips, TV spots, and motion graphics that have been released so far, we're starting to feel like we've seen the entire film already! Here are three more sneak peeks for you to watch... if you dare!

A Series of Sinister Soundbites

Yeah, go ahead. Try saying that headline ten times quickly. We'll wait. Done? Okay then! Wipe the spittle from your lower lip and get ready to dig on some video soundbites with the people behind the spooky goodness that is Sinister along with a new TV spot.

Classic Monsters Get Sinister; Nearly a Dozen Motion Images

Next up for you cats looking forward to the October 12th release of Scott Derrickson's latest fear flick, Sinister, is a bevy of eye-popping goodness! Read on to check out all of the coolness that awaits!